MICE in Sicily

Think, Create, Execute

TripPuzzle MICE division

Working in MICE industry means that every time, our clients have big expectations. Every time we have to enter in the client's mind, we have to find out his desires, we have to create the right project, we have to execute the project.
The goal to achieve is

This is our mantra

Business Travel

A business travel is the right balance between meetings and leisure, work and relax, strategies and fun. A Team Building activity can restore the right feeling in a group and the right location will do the rest

Incentive Travel

An Incentive Travel is a target, that's why cannot be a standard trip. It has to include experiences, emotions. Sicily is an endless source of sensations, landscapes, culture, traditions, food and wines: the right place for the perfect Incentive

Special Events

An event becomes special if it's unique, if there is an underlying theme. Sicily is the perfect set where TripPuzzle create its events.

Meetings & Seminars

A business meeting or a seminar acquires a different flavor for the attendants if it's held in an impressive venue, Sicily has a lot of charming location and the details can make the difference: TripPuzzle knows it.

Gala or Themed dinner

A special dinner is the perfect ending of an event. An unusual venue, high quality local food and wines, attention at details and an enjoyable after dinner makes the event unforgettable

Team Building

A Team Building activity has the scope to join a group, to work together, to reach a target, to improve the relationships between the attendants. To do this, TripPuzzle has to know as much as possible about the group and their activities. We think this is the only way to create a useful and funny event which will remain in the minds of participants

Additional Tours

TripPuzzle create the complete tour package with cultural visits, excursions, experiences to let your clients know the real Sicily rich in art, culture, tradiitions, food, wines and natural beauties


TripPuzzle provides all collateral services that can be useful for the success of an event: Hostess, Transfers, Interpreters, Rental equipment, Video & Photo, Printing, Gadgets


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