CAGS New Student Orientation

Welcome to MACU!

“Welcome to Mid-America Christian University! At MACU, I like to remind our students of something that is very important. You were created to do “Great Things!” It’s absolutely true, but not just because I say so, but because Jesus says so.”
Dr. John Fozard, University President

University Mission Statement

Mid-America Christian University Prepares Students through a Wesleyan perspective to create, collaborate, and innovate, to solve local and global problems, for the glory of God through Jesus Christ and the good of society.


Smarthinking is an online tutoring program. Students can submit papers to be reviewed by a tutor, drop-in to chat with an experienced tutor, and access other academic resources at no cost. Smarthinking is available by clicking on the logo on your course home in D2L.

Papers submitted to the Writing Center in Smarthinking have an estimated 24 hour return rate. Drop-In Tutoring is available for the times listed to the right.

These services are available at no additional costs.

Testing Center

Save time and money through credit by examination.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
Knowledge gained from education or professional experiences can provide an opportunity to earn college credit by earning qualifying scores on any of the 33 CLEP examinations.
The list of exams is available on the CLEP website:

Through a suite of exams, DSST provides students the opportunity to receive college credits for learning acquired outside the traditional classroom.

The list of exams is available on the DSST website:

Schedule a test:

The Degree Audit Portlet

The Degree Audit portlet provides information to users (registrar, dean, advisor, or student) who are performing a degree audit for a student to verify that the student is on track for graduation. While the Degree Audit portlet is similar to the Course Needs portlet, it provides a more detailed view of what the student needs to complete their selected program. Required courses, categories, and other requirements are displayed, indicating how many credits will be earned to complete the requirement as well as the current status of the requirement. If the requirement is a category or group requirement, you can view those elements that compose the category or group requirement. For each course requirement, you can view any current course offerings that would satisfy the requirement.

CAGS New Student Orientation