The first brandtainment


The first brandtainment

Brand-Cross Brand-Cross the first Brandtainment


The communication industry is often very complex, multifaceted and confusing, with large numbers of different companies available for single specialized activities. Brand Cross is here to simplify this process, providing answers and solutions for a brand’s needs, all in one place.

Why Brand Cross

Brand-Cross completes a brand’s strategy, effectively converting narrative contents and executions to reach consumers and audiences across all media, from digital content to large-scale events.

Points of Strength

Brand-Cross combines knowledge in artist management and television production, with experience in brand management and advertising.
Brand-Cross offers high-quality production standards, with an emphasis in communication, commercials and branded content – all at the highest quality, but without the large price tag you’d expect from an Italian market.

Brand-Cross is able to source excellence in all fields, making it stand apart in the Italian market. Our professional services include:

Brand-Cross works carefully to meet the needs of their clients, hand-selecting quality personnel from a range of resources.

In a Nutshell

Brand Cross is an independent production company created by the passion and vast experience of its members, who have had over 20 years experience in the industry.
Brand Cross is a magical cross between cinematographic production, television, entertainment and branding, created in order to guarantee the very best in conception and production of branded content – as well as its distribution to the audience.

Who we are
Brand Cross srl - Corso di Porta Romana 72 - 20122 Milano - Italy
telefono: +39 02 58 32 21 49 - Fax +39 02 58 43 90 65 -

Roberto Bosatra
Founder & A.D.
Executive Producer

Emanuela Cavazzini
Founder & M.D.
Executive Producer

Monica Savaresi
Media Relations Manager - Artists and Projects Scouting Manager

Stefano Renolfi
Executive Producer