if life wasn't changing we wouldn't be able to say anything
about it.

history is littered with signs and symbols when the moment is all
we have.

the face is most
of us.

love is how you found yourself let go and
keep going.

we want out of the labyrinth too it is a moment there that
we seek.

let's see what next
time says.


we can't see but we can feel other dreams in
our steps.

words go out words go in pauses happen---i
didn't win.

it seems impossible like it was built into us to

dare i say it love is her laugh his smile
our fate.

half of writing is what i say the other half is what you
already know.

i saw what he saw that there is a way for us if we
keep looking.

the spots on your face are all clear
and distinct.

love is the lust
for life.

we want big things when we know it is in the smallest tiniest and dinkiest of moments that we get.

there was a view when he came out of
the womb.

'love' is many

oh my

write like you don't know what time
it is.

the song sang her voice and the picture showed her face
just then.

words go

he is without her so
to speak.

it is a beautiful day when you are in love otherwise it is just
a Day.

it is winter deep down all year long and summer on the surface with spring and fall all around.

the wait is over patience does not last but
moments do.

i long to find the sky
one day.

it is not always to worry why but to
be nevertheless.

may the soul be thunder the heart lightning and the mind rain---see the rainbow there.

for a moment i am there but as usual i
am here.

outside is where it is inside is where
you are.

i don't want to play the guitar i want to touch
your skin.


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