Dance of Divine a Tribute to All Dogs and Elephants

Soft Abstract expressionism Art and poem

Dance of The Divine a Tribute to All Dogs and Elephants

A band of gypsies came to town
in beautiful colors and tattered crowns
they filled the town with their joy and their mirth
and acted quite frankly like they owned the earth
when in fact indeed they had
rites of ownership always go to the glad
ribbons of pleasure ran through the earth
caught unaware by this treasured birth
they danced and they sang
they honored their dead
ancestral pledges freely they rang
to the dog
to the elephant
to take to the grave
of the honored the humble

the people who gave
so for all of you elephants
and all you dogs too
enjoy this here dance
cause this dance is for you


Oh golden star in heaven

reach down and see your son

and cast the beauty of your vision

into the shape of one

Blue Nosed Poodle / Exodus to the Sea

The skies open
and money falls
covering the earth with kindness
what will be
will be seen
in the paradise you have left behind
tell me oh wise one
how could it be
that we should reunite
beside the sea
oh lord of lords
oh king of kings
soothe your sad head
and we will speak
of racing cars and midnight bars
tell me that you are thinking of me

Bolts of lightening
blaze through the sky
and illuminate my soul

Cerulean blue ocean
your secrets

Dance of Divine a Tribute to All Dogs and Elephants