Soul Speaking

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kind heart... speak

a heartbeat leads to another beat

this feel sometimes arises from a spontaneous and it is wonderful, some just happens... like breathing... you know you´re breathing but not always samples attention to this...


that is the begining

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Wind Dragon

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World Dragon

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Water Dragon

Constelación 10
Fire Dragon (hearth dragon)

Original Universes

Gratitude produces a change in our perception. The heart always gives the answer , if the brain hears the body recovers.
Gratitude awakens the infinite potential that resides in every being , simply stop any approach that does not make you be thankful .
Art in the service of love for all hearts every heart


Music "Alfonso Baro"
Paint "Verónica C.J."

The Heart is around trying say something is really important, please
don´t wait any longer... you should hear now...

Soul Speaking

Universes Originals