or the story of KIANIA and Niccolò

niccolò, 25

Kiania, 3

this is the story of how they both discovered karma.

Niccolò was a surfer, living in Maui.

Kiania was a runner, living in Botswana.

One morning,

Niccolò decided to catch some waves in Teahuppo'o


Kiania took a stroll down by the river Khwai

it was a beautiful day

both in Polynesia and Botswana.

he picked up

his favorite board

he checked

the river surroundings

waves were high

but Niccolò wasn't bothered

Some Lycaons,

but Kiania wasn't bothered


holy moly!

"this wave is huge"


"these lycaons are after me"

Niccolò fell!

right when he was thinking he had made it


right when Kiania thought he had made it


everything became blurry


swimming wasn't his thing

goodbye my life

play video

goodbye my life

his teeth are sharp

the end(?)

Could this really be the end for Niccolò and Kiania?

obviously not!

because it wasn't in their Karma.


is back to his love


is back to his love(rs)

moral of the story:

Whenever you think you're lucky

impalas get luckier.

or the story of KIANIA and Niccolò