I Send Myself Some Flowers

Every Woman's

Pat Franchino

My set of book flowers, “I Send Myself Some Flowers” is a tribute to all women in our society who have tirelessly dedicated themselves to their families and loved ones.

Women, like me, who have been innocently taken for granted year in and year out have two options. We could be reactive by getting angry or harboring resentment.. The healthier option, I believe, is to be proactive. Every once in a while, I send myself some flowers and laugh.

My book bouquet is made up of a very common flower genus, which grows prolifically throughout the US. It is more common in highly populated regions but will thrive anywhere. The Latin name for this particular genus is Takenflora Grantedatheon, but is more commonly referred to as “Taken For Granted.” With enough nourishment, their long lifespan matches our own.

There are also many species and subspecies, the most popular of which are displayed here in my bouquet.

The “Honey’s Where’s The…?” flower is, by far, the most common, followed closely by the “What’s For Dinner?” flower.

Often in backyards of gated communities you’ll find “Where’s My Clean Jeans?”

and occasionally, a new hybrid subspecies, “Sit, Heel, Stay, Come,” can be found.

Horticulturists now believe the “Why do you have to work overtime?” flower is a derivative and subspecies of “Mom, can I have my allowance now?”

Further, as scientists continue their extensive research of the genus, Takenflora Grantedatheon, it has become widely accepted that the “Wear that sexy black teddy for me tonight” flower was the original species.

Be proactive. Send yourself some flowers.

I Send Myself Some Flowers

Every Woman's Autobiography by Pat Franchino