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Mitro Soft Abstract Expressionism
Art Purely from the soul with no filter

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What my art means

My art is about a move to a gentler more peaceful society which is portrayed by gently flowing cartoon like shapes and beautiful bright flowing color.

My work is always about the good in man and in society and it's meaning is always upbeat and positive.

Nothing dark always brilliant light and softness.

By putting out such light in my art I believe I am contributing to peace and happiness, for who can be dark or sad when viewing such brightly colored gentle creatures.

I am a metaphysical painter who has studied spirituality for much of my life.

By metaphysical I mean seeing and knowing things beyond the reach of our ordinary senses.

My method of painting comes from my fascination with psychic phenomena and the future.

I have always since early childhood felt the future will unveil not only fantastic new technologies but also undreamed of spiritual awakenings.

I believe that thought is subtle electrical energy and that energy from the resultant thought can actually travel from the subconscious where it is picked up as prescience to a blank canvas.

This creates scenes that are either;

Important for me to capture.
Important for the eventual buyer of the piece to capture.
Important to the world to capture.

Encapsulated, my painting are drawn from inner scenes existing as vibrational energy in my subconscious and are not drawn on the canvas, but actually pulled from the canvas.

I call my art, "Art Purely From the Soul With No Filter ."

It's genre is soft abstract expressionism art, but it is the way that it is created that makes it much more unique than it's actual genre.

Faced with a blank canvas I do not plan what to paint, I merely swipe paint on the canvas and let whatever picture wants to come up, come up.
My subconscious sees the invisible energy of a scene, impregnates the canvas with this invisible energy and when I wipe paint on the canvas it adheres only to the energy of the impregnated scene creating a picture.

It is energy from my subconscious that creates the picture and this is why I say it comes straight from the soul.

When I say no filter I mean I do not filter or change any images that come up.

It is also for this reason that the paint on all my canvas is very lightly applied.

This is so it does not cover up, but actually uncovers the painting theme.

As the subconscious is ones soul I am delighted that my soul appears to be a happy one as my art comes out in playful happy cartoonish like characters and beautiful colors.

Gratitude towards the courage of individual spirit is the main theme that runs through most of my painting and a knowing that we are moving slowly and steadily towards a kinder and more gentle society and world

I believe that good energy embedded in a picture is good energy added to a household.

I believe the most important characters a person can possess, are kindness and empathy.

I live in Daytona Beach Florida and have one child, a son Alexander William.


3 Feet by 4 Feet

The Queen

3 Feet by 4 Feet
Not available for sale

USA And The Final Curtain For The Orange Man The World is Woke

3 Feet by 4 Feet

Women With a Blue Hat Going For a Walk With a Cigarette Thinking About Life

11" by 14"

Portrait of Bowzer Demonstrating His Invisibility Ability

16" by 20"

Ocher Sun

Ocher Sun 16" by 20" NA

Old Yeller 2015

A futuristic take on a very old dog. As the dog sticks his head through the hedge in search of his playmate he is totally unaware that the butterfly is hovering right above his head. Although basic truisms never change throughout the years,like the love of a boy for his dog, the way they are portrayed in art does.

Tell the dog

the butterfly

is over his head

11" by 14" $2,150



This is a perfect example of a spirit painting.
This painting was painted as a total black and white abstract.
It was not until the painting was completely done and I rotated it that I was able to see the scene it depicted.
If you look in the center of the painting you will see a heavy set bald woman (woman because she has a bust) wide mouthed screaming in rage.
To her right side is a lit fire cracker just ready to explode.
Above her head to the far right is a head with an expression of oh no.
Beside him is another head with an expression of complete alarm.
Now the most interesting part of the whole painting is something I did not pick up until years after I had painted it.
It is a ghost smirking in satisfaction looking down at the raging woman.
To see things in my painting always look for the eyes.
The ghost has two eyes a button nose and a wide smirk .

Blue Nosed Poodle/Exodus to The Sea

A blue nosed poodle in the upper left hand corner looks over the exodus of his friends as they march to the sea. His friends include a donkey with colorful barrels on his back, a wildebeest, a shark and an eel holding a help banner in his mouth.

Blue Nosed Poodle 16" b6 20" $4,480


Self portrait.

Kathy 16" by 20" NA

Sylvia Plath Bell Jar 2015

The figure in the jar is twisted in despair.
May she have found the solace in death that she sought in her life.
Everything is better up there.

Sylvia 11" y 14" $2,150

Steven Hawkins 2015 The Theory of Everything

My painting are akin to the clouds you merely study them for awhile and an image will appear to you,
As I paint or actually as I swipe paint onto a canvas I look for what image is coming up.
In this image as I kept adding more paint I saw the image of Steven Hawkins in a wheelchair seated before a microscope come up.
Often if the image is an odd one as in this case after the painting is completely done I will go into google images and see if I can find any matches to it to give me a clue as to why this particular subject came to me.
I can usually come up with a very good match and that was certainly the case in this case

Phantom Spitfire Airplane 2015

This is a ghost of Spitfire World War Two airplane.
If you look at the lower right hand corner of the painting you will see the face of the airplane looking up and backwards.
His face is yellow and very round, he has two blue wings and you are viewing him from above.
He is a phantom because you can see directly through him to the ground.
I refer to him as a baby as his face is very baby like with roundness and a orange snub nose.
I believe this baby like quality is reflecting the tender age of the pilot who inevitably died with the crash of the plane.
This painting is very compelling and actually gives you vertigo when you look upon it in it's original form.
While looking at the painting I am struck by the incredible courage of our air military who protect us on a very scary battle ground.
I would like to dedicate this painting with much gratitude to every brave soul in our Air Force.

Spitfire 16" b6 20" $125,000

This particular painting I titled Marriage.
It is the marriage of the old and the new in Art.
The old a knight bridegroom, with a happy go lucky look on his face.
The new an alien bride with a pious sour look on her face as she appears to sacrifice herself to this marriage.
The preacher is a beautiful purple horse of some sort seen on the left hand side of the painting.
If you look beside the couple you will see a candle lit for the marriage ceremony throwing light on the union.
You will also see a wedding guest at the very bottom of the left hand side of the painting.
Most important of all if you look carefully at the bottom right hand side of the painting, right below the couple, you will see the future child of the marriage an animal curled in sleep and waiting to be born.
Look for his eye first and his shape should become apparent to you.
As it is set in a futuristic setting the future is absorbing the old and by the fusion of marriage, evolving into the now.

Sea horse and lion is a perfect example of my magnetized canvas if you look at the bottom left of the painting you will see a very skillfully drawn lion complete with mane On the right you will see a sea horse and a man in the very bottom of the right side.
I did not draw any of these images they all appear as I swipe paint and crayons indiscriminately across the blank canvas

Sea Horse and Lion 3" by 5" $500

Sales Information

My art ranges in price from the very small pieces measuring only 5" by 7" and priced at $500
To the very large pieces measuring 36" by 48" priced at $1,000,000
All art is original signed art by Kathy Mitro
All art is acrylic paint on canvas with the exception of some of the small pieces which are painted on board.
Painting painted on board are noted as so in their descriptions.
Each painting has size dimensions and price beside or below the title. All artwork is sold unframed.
Art is available for sale nationally or internationally.
There is a copyright in place and artist retains all copyrights although the purchaser owns painting with no claims upon actual painting by artist.
There is a royalty agreement that is signed upon initial purchase.
This agreement states upon each subsequent sale of painting that results in an increase of initial purchase price Artist is to be paid 7% royalty on new sale total. This is to be paid through lifetime of artist and then her son's lifetime, and all royalties will cease upon the death
of both the artist and her son.