Poetry and fine Art

My favorite Poems
by Kathy Mitro

Ode to My Rock Star Son

Rock star burn so brightly, so brightly into night
the crowds are patiently waiting
expecting phenomenal delight
what say you are you up
up to do the night
what a dizzying way to make a living
black velvet voice washes over light
better guard your hearts
with you and only with you
all dims in cavernous yawn
when curtain opens
and spotlight picks out you

A Summer Night in Kenya

A summer night in Kenya
the animals standing around.
I slip my boat into sea green water
silently making no sound
the water steams in oven heat
the fish too tired to swim
a blood red moon hangs overhead
too dim to light the way
but simply languishing hanging there
as if it's wants to play
huge sentinel of enormous trees
come alive with living snakes
as if the night can hide their flight
from tree to tree to bank
forest sounds shatter the night
crackling and hissing with calls of the wild
then I awake it's only a dream
I lay in my bed and smile

Market Place in Cairo With a Boy a Monkey and Bananas

The turgid air felt heavy on my skin
and I was not the only one who felt it
the marketplace was filled with strange people milling about and talking nonsense
I made my way to the front of the line and asked
have you seen a small boy about this size gesturing with my hands
I am met with disbelief a scornful glance that burns me with its fever
and looks askance of my sanity
a boy that small all alone in this breathing heaving mass of humanity
if it was so and he was here
he would have been taken long ago
I panic I turn

and there on top of a huge bunch of bananas
playing with a monkey
is the boy, my boy and I say it's time to go home

Red Car

Careening down the middle the road
the car looked like it was drunk
I've never seen a drunk car but there I was face to face with one
the car churned up little windmills of grit and dirt as it sped on it's merry way
back and forth and over the lines
it made me quite dizzy to look
reminding me of a mad Bea I reached for my I phone to record it
I shall call it voyage of a bumble bee
it cut into the cluster of lilies on the side of the road
it spit out chunks of grass foolish enough to get in it's way
a pretty color of red it was quite a sporty looking car
it did not see to be the kind of fellow to let the booze get to him so intensely
but intensely it was got
no sense of seemliness or order here