School is cool

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Kuuntele ja toista

secondary school
in year ten
at a quarter to nine
a form teacher
school assembly
extra-curricular activities
a period
Emma has attended Greycourt Secondary School for over three years

kymmenennellä luokalla
varttia vaille yhdeksän
yhteinen päivänavaus
koulun harrastus- ja kerhotoiminta
Emma on käynyt Greycourtin yläkoulua yli
kolme vuotta

I've enjoyed my time here!

Emma has attended Greycourt Secondary school in London for over three years. She's now in year ten and has generally enjoyed her time there.

Emma Baker, 15

I start my day with a registration at a quarter to nine. This means that my form teacher checks if everyone in the form is there or not. After that, we have assembly. Sometimes assembly takes place in the form room and sometimes in our school hall. It's kind of religious get-together where we sing songs and talk about things. I have read out religious stories twice during the past twelve months.

After assembly, we go off to different classes. We have six 55-minute lessons in our school day; three in the morning and three in the afternoon. Morning break is between 11.30 and 11.45, lunch break between 12.30 and 1.30. The school day finishes at 3.45 but on Fridays we can go home at 2.55. I like Fridays!

I also like our head teacher - she's very funny and really cares about us. That's one reason we have had so many extra-curricular activities. We have over twenty clubs at our school.

My favourite school subjects are media studies and food & nutrition. Unfortunately, we have only had one period of P.E. this term and I don't think it has been enough. But we have so many sports clubs that it hasn't really mattered. This year I have belonged to three of them.

Please write to me and tell me about your school as soon as possible.

Luv, Emma

Työskentele parin kanssa. Kysykää ja vastatkaa vuorotellen.

1. What time do they have registration in Emma's school?
2. What does the form teacher do every morning?
3. How long are the lessons in Emma's school?
4. Why does Emma like Fridays?
5. What does she say about the head teacher?
6. How many clubs do they have at school?
7. What are Emma's favourite school subjects?
8. How long is the lunch break at Emma's school?

School is cool