Maybe they are better than us

Animal stories

The Deer and the Cat

Every Morning, a deer comes to visit a cat.
You can tell the cat, from Harrisburg, PN is very lucky to have such a special friend.
Here’s some pics of them two together

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Roscoe and Zappy

This 3yrs old orangutan was so depressed that he stopped eating and taking medications.
Vets knew if nothing happened he was going to die soon.
When they gave shelter to Zappy, an old dog abandoned near a zoo, they couldn’t imagine they were about to save two lives at once…
Roscoe the orangutan found a reason to live, and they became best buddies.
They both love swimming, even if Roscoe is still a little bit scared of the water and won’t dive without Zappy by his side.
Look at these picsand you’ll get how friendship made them both happy. Something us humans should think about carefully…

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Owen the hippo

Lafarge National Park, Mombasa, KENYA: Owen, a 1 year old baby hippo (already 660 lbs.) lost his parents to the Tsunami on dec, 25th.
To survive all of this he created a bond with a centennial seaturtle, and now considers her as his mother.
Kahumbu Paula, Lafarge Park MD, says they eat, swim and eat together. Owen even turns aggressive everytime someoody tries to get closer to his mom…

Anjan and the white tigers

Anjan the chimpanzee saved two white tigers who lost their moms by adopting them. She takes care of the two babies as they were her own kids…you can tell mother instinct has litteraly no borders…

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Bambi and the rabbit

Do you still remember Bambi and Thumper? Well, we just found them…

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Thanks to all the animals