Sales Brochure Number Two
new Paintings
September 22, 2015

Christmas Series

New Christmas painting every year just in time for Christmas.
Painted and released each December.

Mother Africa and The Dance Within 2015

This vibrant painting is the capture of the maelstrom that is Africa.

With it's beautiful yellow sunshine, gorgeous scenery and exotic animals it epitomizes Africa,

taking us from the lows of Africa where life seems worth nothing, to the highs of grand African Queens watching over it.

If you look at the top right of the painting you will a beautiful woman looking over her Africa.

To her left you will see the vision of her past home.

Further left you will a bouquet of beautiful yellow flowers presented to her for her endless tending.

In the middle are beautiful lush green mountains intertwined with endless sunshine and water rushing and twining together, showing the inter-connectedness of all.

At the bottom of the painting you will see angels, ghosts and others.

Growing from the water is a beautiful tree that branches into an animal seeking ingress into the beauty that is Africa.

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