Uplifting Poetry and Fine Art

By Kathy Mitro

Still Moonlit Night

A dog in the desert
a still moonlit night
the moon casts it's moonbeams
on different shapes of life
the stillness is brilliant
in it, a parody of peace
a small beam of it
shatters the black
and pierces a den yawning with life
then recedes
as the dust roils and covers,tall sentinels once knowing life
but in stunned amazement can never really see
if I talk to you in this night
of beauty and hope

The Big Blue Whale Who Cried

Deep down below the ocean
sat a big blue whale
who cried and cried
his heart out
no one wants a big fat whale
his name was Fred
and he would dread
when people came to meet him
they would act surprised
open up their eyes, and say
but my
your a big fellow
he thought oh wow
I'm young now
and have no interest in girls
but when I decide to take a bride
who will take on such a blubber

the currents rushed and the ocean drew
and a strange little surprise revealed
why there just in front of him
before his very eyes
came a tiny little man
with tiny little feet
and tiny little eyes
he rode aboard a seahorse
and tears fell from his eyes
now Fred was intrigued and
felt so bad he wanted to help this fellow
he said to him why do you cry
you little tiny fellow
the man looked up for indeed he was
a very old old man
and said to Fred why would I not
it's all because of my size
and you of course would not understand
for I can see you are a healthy strapping man

Sliver Ocean

A silver day starts at the ocean
liquid blue waves stream to kiss powdered shore
a tiny boy dropkicks a football
hard to ask for anything more
the sea gulls cry out and are quite raucous
the terns I call the boys from Japan
with their mars black flop of a hairdo
resembling honorable oriental men
the crabs fly everywhere into hidey-holes
as we walk on the sand hand in hand
my spirit calls out to calm and reassure them
but I fear that they don't understand
surfers in brilliant yellow and orange board shorts
imitating the sun and wearing jubilant grins
today is their day at the ocean
and they will only let happiness in

Red Car

Careening down the middle the road
the car looked like it was drunk
I've never seen a drunk car but there I was face to face with one
the car churned up little windmills of grit and dirt as it sped on it's merry way
back and forth and over the lines
it made me quite dizzy to look
reminding me of a mad Bea I reached for my iPhone to record it
I shall call it voyage of a bumble bee
it cut into the cluster of lilies on the side of the road
it spit out chunks of grass foolish enough to get in it's way
a pretty color of red it was quite a sporty looking car
it did not seem to be the kind of fellow to let the booze get to him so intensely
but intensely it was got

To a Fat Toad in Deep Dark Space

Way way out in deep space and talking to the stars
my friend points out amazingly hey look out, over there there's Mars
celestial fireballs explode in the night
filled with brilliant blazing colors and small shooting lights
flashing around in my eyes and my head
I shake off the colors and then to my dread
incredulity shoots through me , do I hear a knock
a knock at the door in deep outer space
mayhaps it's an alien looking for a taste
we giggle nervously debating the case
the ship wafts and turns
floating softly in space
blackness descends covering over our face
the equipment board glows a green eerie light
really intensifying our sudden fright
the knock on the door did we hear it again
visions of green men come unbidden again
we look at our camera and lo and behold

what we see is amazing
could it be a fat toad
his size is so tiny
his face is so fat
his arms raises up and then rap rap again
his back has a hunch
his legs have a bend
he calls out quite jolly
it's alright, open up, I'm friend
was there ever a friend that looked so confound strange
we hesitate and then, hear bam bam again
he calls out
because I look different, no need to be afraid
the world needs the difference or it would be just too plain
from where I come, I am emperor, I am the King
people kneel and they honor me
but what do you see
I think when you look at me
you see a green thing

Dance of The Divine a Tribute to Dogs and Elephants

A band of gypsies came to town
in beautiful colors and tattered crowns
they filled the town with their joy and their mirth
and acted quite frankly like they owned the earth
when in fact indeed they had
rites of ownership always go to the glad
ribbons of pleasure ran through the earth
caught unaware by this treasured birth
they danced and they sang
they honored their dead
ancestral pledges freely they rang
to the dog
to the elephant
to take to the grave
of the honored the humble
the people who gave

Relics from the Past

The cart and the donkey pull up the road
the load is heavy and mindblowingly right
but to travel this distance in moonlight
is creating such a fearful fright
the dogs they are baying at night travelers
each running up and then back into the night
an obstreperous band of guarding fellows
taking their job on with great mightly might
a silver sliver of moonbeam lights up the very black night
around the bend stands a deserted old farmhouse
once the home of the Mc'Nally clan
the boy all left home to play football
and became very talented men
but I digress that is not important
and I will say what I have come to say
so back again to the donkey and the reason
the reason for the journey for the that day

the cart it was filled with straw, straw hiding what was underneath
it was heavy and precious and it was something, something every one wants to keep
the donkey was understandably nervous
and keep looking behind him as he went
how in heavens name did he get here
in this lonely godforsaken place
on the road to eventual freedom, freedom for all and I mean all in sight
for the cart contained precious relics
of a famous birth upon a very old night
the relics contained essence of goodness
from a man that went way beyond great
in fact he was quite holy and fought the very good fight
to make all people understand they are worthy, worthy of all that is good
so the donkey continues onward
because it seems many have forgotten his word


Sitting on the beach sipping Orangeade
I want to talk about politics but it seems to make the pounding waves feel small
the sun beats on my shoulder and face
and makes me feel warm and good
I know things are good
I follow a crab on a short dive down his crab home
I feel for the guy
who is the guy behind the crab mask
when people look at him they see food
the crab pops out again and looks at me
trust takes time
I carry on


A porcupine stops and smells the flowers that lay dormant under the new sheet of snow
he's perplexed he used the flowers as his marker to show him the way to the new home
but now what
no flowers only crystal cold white stuff
he has been watching and feeling the cold air coming on
but he is a young pup and this is the first time he has seen snow
he looks to the heavens and crystal clear flakes of snow land on his tiny face
should he turn around
but turn around where
he is suddenly lost

he hears voices and it sounds like children
the crystal clear high tones of laughter and fun
he would like to stay and watch
but is it wise is it safe
curiosity gets the better of him and he stays put
the children come
and they laugh and point at him in delight
look how cute a porcupine!
hey this is turning into quite a fine night.

Shadow Land

The world is full of shadows
sharp and clean
illuminating my soul
not the dark shadow land creatures
but a foretelling of futures of gold
I knock and now no one now answers
I know only I can open the door
to beautiful sunshine tomorrows
only I and I alone have that control
my future is brilliant and unfolding
right now at this very minute of time
if you want to come with me
just tell me but you have to be strong and not twine
for I need no more cumbersome burdens
this is my time and my time alone
I can love you tomorrow and for always
if you just learn to leave me alone

Story of Forever Monday Morning

We walked into the room
and felt the tension immediately
an unearthly sense of doom
I put the package of beautiful cupcakes on the table
I had no taste for them anymore
in fact I felt like running out the door
but something suddenly transfixed me
I heard a tinny laugh
and heard the chair legs scrapping across the wood floor
it wasn't anything someone in my position could ignore
all of a sudden lights flashed on
and the room seemed to spin
drat it was the darn fuques again

I paced the distance between the door and me
enough to dive and run
but was I fast enough to outrun a gun
but you fool
the gun is in your head
it's only Monday morning
a time you've come to dread

Poetry and soft abstract expressionism art