Ismail Kadare's Books

A look into some of his famous books

The General of the Dead Army

It was published on 1963, and is the most famous book of this author. It talks about how an Italian general and an Italian priest are sent to Albania to find the bones of their countrymen in order to bury them in Italy. As they continue their journey, they start to doubt about their task. Later, they find out that a German general is also looking for the bones of his countrymen, and just like his Italian counterpart, he is doubting his task.

Chronicle in Stone

It was published on 1971. It is one of the funniest, yet tragic of his novels. The novel is written from a child's perspective of the events happening in the town, like a younger, alter ego of the author. It was the period of the WWII in the town, and every occupant like: German, Italian and Greek, is killing Albanians for their own reasons.


Published on 1980, it talks about the legend of Constantin and Doruntine. According to the legend, Constantin made an oath to his mother that whenever was needed, he would bring back Doruntine, his sister, who was married and was living far away from them. After three years, Doruntine one day sees Constantin, who gives her a ride back to the house. He leaves her at the door of the house, with the excuse that he has to go to church. When the mother sees her, she is shocked, because Constantin was dead for three years.

Broken April

Published on 1978, it talks about the culture of the North Albania. The main character is Gjorg Berisha, a 26 year old man, who is forced to commit a murder based on the Law of the Kanun, which is a set of traditional Albanian law. As a result of his killing, his fate is now in danger. because now a member of the opposite family should kill him. The book was adapted to a movie called Behind the Sun, filmed in Brazil on 2001.