Natalie Velthuyzen

Ceramics Catalogue 2017

Copper Green Tumblers (Porcelain)

Approx height 11cm
Approx diameter 7.5cm

Copper Green Cups (Porcelain)

Approx height 7.5cm
Approx diameter 13cm

Green Copper Cups (stoneware)

Approx height 7.5cm
Diameter 13cm

white tree trunk vase (cylinder)

From left
(NV062) Height 25.5cm Diameter 10.5cm
(NV061) Height 24.5cm Diameter 11cm

Medium Bluegum Vase

Height 21cm
Diameter 13cm

Tall Bluegum Vase

Height 29cm
Diameter 12.5cm

White Tree Trunk Vase (wide)

Height 22.5cm
Diameter 16cm

Squat Bluegum Vase (NV056)

Height 12cm
Diameter 19cm

Linen and Wild Clay Necklaces

Linen and hemp necklaces with wild clay beading
$48 - $59

Wild Clay Earrings


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Squat Bluegum Vase (NV064)

Height 12cm
Diameter 17.5cm

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