Serena Horton

Ceramics Catalogue 2017

Mini Bowls and Small Bowls (close up)

Mini black (SH005) Mini white (SH006): Approx diameter 5.5cm
$15 each
Small black (SH008) Small white (SH007): Approx diameter 8cm
$25 each

Small Mugs

Approx height 6.5cm
Appox diameter 6cm
From left: SH001, SH003, SH004, SH002
$25 each

X Large Bowl and Small serving bowl

(pictured with Mini and Small Bowls for scale)

Bowl and Plate Stack

From top
Medium Bowl (SH009): Diameter 11.5cm SOLD
Side Plate (SH013): Diameter 17.5cm $35
Dessert Plate (SH014): Diameter 22.5cm $45
Dinner Plate (SH015): Diameter 28cm $60


From left
Small Serving Bowl (SH011): Diameter 24cm $65
X Large Bowl (SH010): Diameter 18.5cm $55

Large Serving Bowl (SH012)

Diameter 30cm

Hanging Vases

Light Grey SH016
Dark Grey SH017
Height 28cm
$75 each

Chinaclay clovelly pty ltd

27 Burnie St Clovelly