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Social Media

By: Jenny Wamsley

Who am I?

My name is Jenny Wamsley and I have been a Physical Education and Health teach in The Saint Paul Public Schools for 16 years.
I live in Shakopee, MN with my husband and 2 boys.
I am a wrestling mom.
I met Leslie from our MN Educators Voxer group.
I have presented at #edcampglobal
I have participated in a #mysteryskype
I am the only Health/PE teacher in my building.
I am a social media addict.
If there was a AA for social media, I would have to admit myself.

Quick Poll

Stand up if you..
If you drove over 15 minutes to get here today.
If you are originally from Iowa.
If you are originally from the best state Minnesota. (ok that is me. )
You downloaded the Voxer app.
You are already on twitter.
You teach just Physical Education
You teach just Health.
You have been in the Health/Physical Education field for over 15 years.

Twitter and #PLN

You will hear people talk about #PLN and grow your #PLN.
Professional Learning Network. These are educators that you trust, connect with, and wish they were in your building.
Twitter isn't just for kids.
Twitter isn't just to follow famous people.
You sure can follow famous people but make a personal account.
Don't have your tweets protected, educators won't follow you.
If your tweets are protected, ask yourself, Why are they so private?
What are you hiding that you don't want other people to see?
You can direct message anyone on twitter.
A single, 140 character tweet can reach hundreds of educators.
Your tweet might get retweeted or liked by educators you don't even know.

So why twitter and not just talking to other educators?

It allows me to connect with educators in real time.
I can "like" a tweet or retweet it.
I can make a list of educators.
I have a Health/PE list.
It allows me to share student work & ask for suggestions.
It allows you to join twitter chats
It allows me to link to resources, videos, articles, blogs, webinars, & meet them face to face at conferences.

What if I don't want to download the app Twitter?

Guess what, you can go to www.twitter.com
Search a hashtag and see the tweets.
If you want to "like" or "retweet" a tweet, you will have to make an account.

Educators and hashtags for starters.

#healthed #physed
#slowchathealth #pegeeks
People to follow: @carmelhealth @SchleiderJustin @BullisKari @physedreview @Bartletthealth @lovepeme @pe4everykid @mikedoylempls @jennywamsley @iowaahperd @VoltAthletics

Tweetdeck for twitter
Web-based or app. The app does cost money.

If nothing is holding you back from joining Twitter..
Let's spend some time on Twitter.

Download the Twitter App
Make a twitter handle.
Add a profile picture of yourself.
No avators or eggs as your profile picture.
Add a little bit or as much information about yourself as you want people to know about you.
Follow hashtags.
Interact with other educators, tweet, retweet, or just lurk.
Follow other educators who follow educators.

Is available on phones, ipad is availalbe just have to use the iphone app to download it.

Reasons why I like Voxer

Easy to listen to.
Easy to respond to.
I am not limited to 140 characters in a Vox.
I can share a video, picture, or a document.
I can star my voxs.
I can ask a question out in the Voxer World and someone with in minutes will respond back with some suggestions.
I enjoy hearing others voices and emotions.
You can just listen or participate in a chat.
It's real time or when I can listen to it.

Thank you for attending my presentation.