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Intuitive Edge® is a professional services provider of strategic contracts consulting and contracts administration services. Our services are organized into 4 areas:

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Being a general or prime contractor is a big responsibility. Not only do you have to meet customer demands, you also have to ensure your subcontractors are delivering to expectation. Managing both sides requires a high degree of organization, contracts management and relationship management.

Our team at Intuitive Edge® can help set you up for success by establishing workable contracts management foundations that close gaps with customers and create more efficiency for your business. We combine hands-on consulting teams with a modern easy to use technical solution that sets you up for success.

Problem Scenario #1

Problem: The contract with my customer requires me to be liable to them for anything that goes wrong with a project. They are holding me solely responsible, but my subcontractors are actually the ones performing the services.

Solution: Minimize your risk to ensure that you are not wholly responsible for the liabilities arising from your subcontractor's actions. Do this by using standard contract language for your subcontractors that cover their liability obligations toward you. Close your gaps and properly flow down the areas related to security requirements, indemnification, limitations of liability and dispute resolution just to name a few. Having standards with your subcontractors will also allow you to better negotiate high risk areas with your customers.

Flowing down customer requirements is not a "cut and paste" job.

Problem Scenario #2

Problem: I am growing and bringing on more and more subcontractors. I need a better system to track their contracts and supporting documents in order to stay compliant with customer and industry requirements. These include insurance certificates, professional licenses and disadvantaged business certifications just to name a few.

Solution: Establish an online vendor registration tool that will allow your subcontractors to input and update their information, contracts, amendments and documents. For example, if something goes wrong on a project and you need to prove a valid insurance certificate from your subcontractor, you will have easy quick access.

Losing track of your subcontractors' information creates risk for you.


Reduce your risk and increase your efficiency now. Then grow with less risk and more profits.

Organization | Analyze | Standardize | Institutionalize | Synergize

Our Approach

Step 1. Review the customer contracts.

Step 2. Identify strictest customer requirements and largest risk areas.

Step 3. Create standard contract templates for purchasing professional services, software, products and logistics.

Step 4. Create a contract process and negotiation playbook.

Step 5. Develop training program - in person workshops and trackable modules covering process, negotiation and legal issues.

Step 6. Implement a vendor registration and tracking tool to house all subcontractor's information, supporting documents and expiration dates.

Step 7. Continuously monitor, update and maintain.

Translation Services

You may need to have agreements, handbooks, policies or documents
translated into other languages. Some countries even require
agreements be in the country's official language to be valid. You may
also want to have your training programs produced in multiple languages
to ensure everyone understands! As your turnkey contracts services
provider, Intuitive Edge® will also get this done for you!

Our Team

We are consultant attorneys, contracts management experts, administrative specialists and paralegals. We have a wealth of experience working with large corporations, small businesses and public entities. We are here to help you establish, maintain and improve your contracts function.

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