Small Works

November & December 2017

Small Works!

Every year around the holidays galleries around the world hold "small works" shows to offer smaller, more affordable pieces for gift-giving. In this catalog you will find a selection of pieces from the current small works show hanging at the gallery (though pictured here without frames, works come framed unless otherwise stated). These pieces are a great way to for beginning collectors to add to their collections, and they make a special gifts during this season of giving.
If you'd like more information about any work you see here or if you'd like to make a purchase, contact us. We ship world-wide!
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Ginny Williams

Heidi Palmer
Island Sheep, oil on canvas, 8x12" $1200
Country Road, oil on canvas, 11x14" $1700

Grant Perry
Pronghorn Skull, oil on panel, 8x8" $850
White Roses, oil on panel, 8x10" $800
Study for Alchemy of the Arts, 8x19" $1200

Deborah Paris
A New Day, oil on canvas, 10x12" $1400
Morning Marsh, oil on canvas, 6x12" $1000

Christina Mastrangelo
Peonies, oil on linen panel, 8x10" $800
View of the Connecticut River Valley from Sugarloaf Mountain, oil on linen panel, 9x12, $1200

Dale Zinkowski
North Lit Pear #1, oil on linen, 8x10 $1150
North Lit Pear #2, oil on linen, 8x10 $1150

Dale Zinkowski
Figs & Prosciutto, oil on linen, 9x12" $1150
Grapes, oil on linen, 6.5x10" $900

Rodrigo Mateo
Still Life with Oranges, oil on linen, 6x12" $1300
Apple Picking Season, oil on panel, 5x5" $600

Rodrigo Mateo
Floral Arrangement, oil on panel, 8x10" $1200
Still Life with Apples, oil on linen, 9x12" $1650
Bowl with Fruit, oil on linen, 8x9" $1600

Liz Beard
Apricots and Grapes, oil on linen, 8x11" $950
Tea with Lemon, oil on linen, 8x10" $950
Pomegranate sketch, oil on panel, 6x8" $750

Robert Wellings
Morning Song, oil on linen, 11x14" $1000
At Day's End, oil on linen, 12x12, $900

GC Williams
Marco Polo, oil on linen, 12x16" $1400
Hope Only Needs a Place to Alight, oil on linen, 9x12" $1200
Sunshine, oil on linen, 9x12 $1200

Donald Jurney
The Moon at Midnight, oil on linen, 12x12" $3200
Full Summer, oil on linen, 10x16" $3800
(Please see additional small works by Mr. Jurney in the e-catalog called Donald Jurney 8x8's on our web site.)

Shawn Krueger
Darkening Pines, 6x6 $575
Approaching Storm, oil on linen, 6x8" $675
At Dawn, oil on linen, 5x7" $575

Shawn Krueger
Cloud Study, oil on linen, 6x8" $675
Early Autumn, oil on linen, 5x7" $575
Marsh Sundown, oil on linen, 6x8" $675

Leo Mancini-Hresko
Pear & Pomegranate, oil on linen, 12x16" $2400
Gray Day, Stonington, oil on linen, 12x16" $2400

Jonathan Hayes
White Hot, oil on linen, 9x12" $1450
Norwegian Boathouse, oil on linen, 11x14" $1900

Damian Chavez
Voluptuary Study, graphite and gold on paper, 6x10" $900
Vivian with Veil, multimedia on board, 8x8" $950
Empathy, graphite on paper, 8x10" $700

Abigail Tulis
Renaissance Couple, Etching, 4x4" $400
Fully Armed Soldier, ink and gouache, 8x12" $2000
Stadhuis, Culembourg, ink and gouache, 16x20" $850

Jesus Villarreal
Study for Artery, oil on panel, 13x13" $1500

Niels Valentin
Slowing Down, oil on linen, 11x11" $1200

Brendan Johnston
Portrait of an Artist, terra cotta, approx. 8x5x4" $950

Brendan Johnston
Portrait of a Man, terra cotta, approx. 8x5x4" $950

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