Vintage Coral Pendant with Milky Diamonds

Vintage Coral Granulation Ring

Persian Turquoise with Diamond Baguette Hinge

Gold Chiclet Earrings

Lapis Buddha with Diamond Necklace

Carnelian Buddha with Diamond Necklace

Cape Amethyst Buddha with Diamond Necklace

Jade Buddha with Diamond Necklace

Crystal Quartz Buddha with Diamond Necklace

Gold Mesh RIng

Rose Cut Diamond Line Earrings with Briolette Drop

Diamond Stack Rings

Rose Cut Diamond Granulation Eternity Band

Burnished Diamond Eternity Band

Mixed Diamond Bezel Eternity Band

Rose Cut Diamond Bezel Eternity Band

Layered Diamond Bezel Eternity Band

Diamond Engagement Rings

Ethiopian Pear Shaped Opal Dome Ring

Milky Diamond Line Earrings

Milky Diamond Daisy Ring

Diamonds with Blue-Green Sapphire Slice

Diamond Baguette Hinge with Blue Sapphire Slice

Diamonds with Blue Sapphire Slice

Blue-Green Faceted Sapphires with Rose Cut Sapphire Slice

Diamond Slice Daisy Ring with Rose Cut Diamonds

Diamonds with Pink Sapphire Slice

Raspberry Sapphires

Gold Granulation Bead Ring

Imperial Topaz With Blush Sapphire Slice

Diamonds with Golden Sapphire Teardrops

Yellow Faceted Sapphires with Moss-Brown Sapphire Slice

Mali Garnet with Golden-Moss Sapphire Slice

Ethiopian Opal Oval Dome Ring

Multi-Loop Opal Briolette Earrings

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