More than half of the businesses

in the United States are based out of the owner's home according to research by the Small Business Administration. Many think their homeowners' insurance policies cover their business needs, but the reality is that most homeowners' policies don't. Here are some points to consider.

business equipment

Most homeowners' policies restrict coverage for equipment, and some even consider operating a home-based business a violation of the policy terms.

business office
at home

If you have an office but regularly work from home, you may need additional coverage for work-related incidents that occur at home.

business visitors

Home-based business owners are surprised to learn their homeowners’ policies often don't cover third-party injury claims related to their work.

business data

Whether printed out or on a computer, security breaches and technology failures leave people vulnerable to lost income and customer lawsuits.

rider to homeowner or renter policy

This can be a good option for a one-person operation with limited exposure, minimal business equipment and no business visitors/deliveries.

Business Owner Policy

This provides the most comprehensive coverage against business interruption, business equipment or data, and professional liability claims.

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