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1. My Baby's Teddy Bear Has a Baby Teddy Bear
2. Just Another Day in Tropical Paradise
3. Ricardo

Fine Art Haiku - Must Have For All Serious Art Collectors

All Mini- Haiku Paintings Measure 5" by 7"

Fine art haiku is a new way to collect fine art making it much lower in price due it's small size.
As it typically measures only 5" by 7" it's tiny size allows collectors to display many different paintings at one time that normally could not be displayed due to space and price constraints.
For those collectors who simply must have a new and upcoming artist whose price tags run in the stratosphere, a small visual haiku of a painting is the perfect way to collect art.
As fun to collect as postage stamps and coins, the tiny size makes it easy to collect myriad exquisite minuscule canvases each telling it's story in miniature form with perfect small pops of beauty.

Katheleen Mitro is an a must have artist for all serious collectors of fine art , working in a brand new art genre of Soft Abstract Expressionism.

Painting haiku haiku is a mirror of American poetry haiku made famous by author Jack Kerouac.

1. Lascivious
3. Marc Chagall Meets Pablo Picasso

1. Senor Potato Head
2.Navigating The Ley Lines
3. And Then They Flew Up The Willow Tree

1. Rising Horse
2. Caribbean Man
3. Flowers for Algenon

1. Power
2. Mad Genius Play Your Magic Song
3. Teenage Angst

1, La Chien
2. Sentimental Journey
3. Dance of a Thousand Colors

1. Mickey Jumping
2. Unrequited Loves a Bpre
3. Get Me To The Birth on Time

1. Fat Cat
2. Weasel In The Corn
3. Look Before You Speak

1. House With Tree With Eyes That See Me
2. The Fifth Beatle
3. One Thing You Can't Hide When You're Crippled Inside

1. The Sanguine Miss Ducky
2. My Delicate Child
3. Ground Control to Major Tom

1. Hep Two Three Four Love March
2. Grandma Happy As a Clam, Grandma Has Her Little Man
3. Weep No More My Lady

1. Lion and Seahorse
2. Pink Flower
3. Dragon at Play

1. Mickey Bathing While Moosie Rises
2. Three Greyhounds
3. And Man Moves Forever Upward

1. Tribute to Basquait
2. Well Maybe
3. The Elegant Mrs Fuddlesbee

1. Do You Love Me Surfer Boy
2. To Market, To Market To Buy a Fat Pig
3. I'm On The Top of The World Looking Down on Creation

1. Happy
2. Royal Blessing to The Sacred Elephant
3. Blue Butterfly Ode to a Civilized Society or No Man Left Behind / We Are Humanity Not Nationality

1. Drink
2. Suntan
3. Despair

1. Keep on Trucking - No Ice Cream Today My Love Has Gone Away
2. Peace After The Shipwreck
3. Little Miss Snooty, No Just Confident

1. Robin Hood and HIs Merry Men Could Not Put Humpty Dumpty Together Again
2. Z
3. Einstein

1. Zonked
2. Birds Fly Over The Ocean Why Oh Why Can't I
3. Pig on a Boat and His Pain in The Ass Friend

1. The Joyful Hobbit
2. Math, Yeesh
3. Symphony in D Minor

1. Green Bird
2. Into One's Life Some Tears Must Fall
3. Too Scary For Words

1. Camouflage
2. Androgynous
3. Crazy Cat? No I'm Golden

1. Peace in America
2. Morphus Morpeus , Polar Bear In Blueberry Field
3. Here Comes Peter Cottontail Hopping Down The Bunny Trail

1. Departure
2. A Two Eyed Flying Purple People Eater
3. Au Contraire We Are The Land of Liberty

1. Shy Maiden
2. Please Don't Swallow The Lady Bug Sir
3. Zank Heaven For It All

1. Unrequited Loves A Bore
2. The Singer
3. Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

1. Bowser My Pet Bulldog
2. Bunny and Chick With a Splash of Pink
3. Hippie Chick With Her Pet Fish Zelda

1. The Joyful Hobbit
2. I'll Always Remember That Dress
3. Le Tour de France

1. Sleepy Reaching For My Bath Towel
2 Hasidic Rabbi
3. Easter Egg Sunday With My Friend The Owl

Artist Katheleen Mitro