The Harts Gallery
New Milford, Connecticut

works by Francesca Belgiojoso


November 14 – January 7
Christian Fuchs Francesca Belgiojoso

The transcendental power of the imagemaker to channel the past and inform the present is on display in the harts gallery’s new exhibition Transgeneration, featuring the performance-based photographs of Peruvian artist Christian Fuchs and the vintage photocollages of Italian psychotherapist and artist Francesca Belgiojoso.
CHRISTIAN FUCHS’ interest in photography revolves around rethinking and reinvention of personal memory. He grew up surrounded by portraits, objects and stories that tell the path taken by his family, but throughout history, has found holes that he fills with his own images and research. In his self-portrait series Transgeneration (the inspiration for the exhibition title), photography is the product of a performance in which Fuchs becomes different men and women of his family.
FRANCESCA BELGIOJOSO collects antique photographs of forgotten people, and intertwines them with fragments of pictures taken from contemporary magazines. For her, the original context of the image is itinerant: she severs the faces and bodies of her subjects from the past and creates a new identity for them in the present. Her background as a psychotherapist emerges in her artistic practice: through her collages she retrieves the memories of society, connecting the archetypes of ancient figures with our contemporary mind.
“I am visually intrigued by the past,” Belgiojoso writes. “I look for forgotten images and I take them back to the present…[my collages] tell the stories of inner worlds, thoughts and fantasies. They are my projections and interpretations of the other person, a metaphor for the work of the psychologist, where the unconscious minds meet to find a new form of expression.” Framed on a white background, her compositions appear to fly alone, the shadows they cast isolating them from the rest of the world.

Until You See Beyond The Light
papercollage with vintage illustration
17 x 18 inches, 2015
1650 usd

I Know That You Are Cheating
paper collage with vintage illustrations,
17 x 17 inches, 2015
1650 usd

It's All About The Go Go Go,
paper collage with vintage illustrations,
17 x 17 inches, 2015
1650 usd

But No One Sees The Secrets
paper collage with vintage photographs
17 x 17 inches, 2015

When He Loved Me in Buenos Aires
paper collage with vintage photographs and illustrations,
26 x 30 inches, 2015
2200 usd

She Dances To The Songs of Her Head
paper collage from vintage magazines,
25 x 29 inches, 2015
2200 usd

Litchfield County Times
November 13th 2015

Francesca Belgiojoso (Milano, 1980) is a psychotherapist and collage artist.
Represented by EstartGallery in Pietrasanta, she lives and work in Milano, Italy.

Let Your Body Steal The Show, EstartGallery c/o The Others Art Fair, Torino, 5/8 November 2015
And We’ll Get Lost Together, EstartGallery Pietrasanta (Tuscany) July 2015
Interiors hosted by Gattarossa Art, Piombino, June 2015
Interiors hosted by Silvia Giusti Antiquary, 5vie Art+design district during the design week, April 2015 Milano.
Interiors, curated by Teresa Francesca Giffone, Mirror Art Gallery, February-March 2015, Vicenza.
Free Associations, installation at Chiesa della Maddalena, September 2014, Pesaro.
Ottavia Hiddenart, Perugia Social Photo Fest, November 2013, Perugia.

Shapes, Circoloquadro Art Gallery, November - December 2015, Milano.
Transgeneration, The Harts Gallery, November - December 2015. New Milford, Connecticut.
New Generation Festival, Palazzo Pisani, October 2015, Lonigo (VI).
Dolly – Multiplo Contemporaneo, Circoloquadro Art Gallery, November - December 2014, Milano.
14/14 | Modernity’s First Century curated by Georgios Vogiatzakis, PLASMA - Plastic Modern Art, December 2014, Milano.
Statements 2013.2 curated by Ivan Quaroni, Circoloquadro Art Gallery, July 2013, Milano.
50 Artisti per un Museo, Museum MITT, July 2013, Torino.
PostQards curated by Marta Cereda, Circoloquadro Art Gallery, November - December 2013, Milano.

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