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Please Don't Leave Your Head Behind, Take it With You Wherever You Go

Don't leave your head is about the fact that although we might dance through our lives in complete ignorance of our true spiritual nature, as mind creates reality only through our thoughts we cannot leave our head behind it is forever and irrevocably attached to our reality.This is truly an illusionistic painting. By this I mean the image in the painting changes whenever the viewer changes their distance from the canvas or the angle they are viewing the painting from, even the height on the wall they view the painting at. The basic painting is a man' s head separated from his torso in his hurry in life to get where he is going. The head is tethered to the body with a fine string and encased in a balloon. The head can be seen as a chipmunk head, a sugar glider head (viewed forward), or of a Frenchman with a beret on or a Arabic man wearing a Keffiyeh (viewed backward) The body can be seen as running with a tray, or from a different viewing perspective, as dancing. From another perspective you can also see the body turn into a dancing Tasmanian Devil. Taz When the size of the picture is shrunk small the leaf in the right top becomes 3D. The symbol Om can be seen clearly in the head Truly a very cool painting, if I do say so myself. And I do,smile

The Mustard Seed

You are not a drop in the ocean , you are the entire ocean in a drop - Rumi

USA and The Final Curtain For The Orange Man/The World is Woke

I believe the golf club the eagle is looking at is President Obama and the orange dust the infamous orange man Donald Trump.

My Mom Pays More Attention to my Brother Than To Me

This is by far one on my favorite paintings. Look at the big figure standing in profile, the expression on his face is just spot on, a mixture of anger, resentment and it's not fair, captured with just a few lines of paint. The fish signifying his brain also is a mirror duplicate of this same expression, and totally captivating. Beautiful expression also on his brothers face who is an orange lion talking with his mother who is in profile with her hair in a bun. All the work mental work as in real life goes on the head.

Candy Land A Place Where You Never Grow Old

This painting is a little different than the one's I usually do. It is soft muted paleness. No bright emphasis on shapes, kind of like a woodblock stamp. Very pretty and soft.

Bird of Death or The Final Flight of The Human Psyche

Bird is about the spiritual voyage we all take upon upon passing and the beautiful trip to the spiritual plane.
Bird is the taker of all to our spiritual resting place,so even as we rest unaware of what awaits us, no one leaves this place alive.

The Greenery


He Thinks He's a Manatee, She Thinks He's a Hunk

Every time I look at this painting it makes me smile. Look for the pretty lady in purple at the top left of the painting with her hand on her hip looking at the manatee with a purple eye swimming on blue water. While the man sees himself as overweight or undesirable the woman sees only his hunkiness as we see perspective can give very incongruous readings. Why do you walk when you have wings-Rumi

trump and Bexit With Infinite Sadness Chaos Essential to Spiritual Evolution

Brexit and Trump with infinite sadness as society reels to overcome chaos essential to spiritual evolution.
Looking at the center bottom of the painting we see a very sad English Bobby.
On top of him in totem pole style we see a Picasso like sad creature and on top of him a stag sitting in profile showing calmness in the solid belief that love always wins.
The metaphysical meaning of a stag being unconditional love.
Love is serenity, hatred is sad.
The colors in this painting are exceptionally gorgeous much more so in real life viewing that when viewed in a photograph.
The colors are admiral navy blue (sadness is admirable when viewing such deep seated malice , french wine (whine) and wisteria (wishing it weren't so).
Political note: One cannot separate the character of the man from what he is going to do.
What he will do is a direct reflection of his character and there is no way it can be otherwise.

God Bless The Child Whose Got His Own

Mama don't let your boys grow up to be soldiers.

Baba Vanga

There are none so blind as those that will not see.

There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen – Rumi

The Lamb in The Tree by The Reflecting Pool, and His Buddy Bubbles The Cat


The optimistic refugee is willing to risk his physical life is seach of freedom, even as others in front of him have perished in the search. Refugee footsteps are filled with the hope..

The Angels Are Sad, Only Old Age Brings Women Freedom From Sexual Oppression

36 " by 48" $2,000,000

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Easter the Fugues

Easter is about the moment of now which is represented by the yellow duck. It shows us time does not pass, we merely travel from place to place within it..

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Election Day 2016


Thought is about the creation of all there is through the concentrated focus of mind. The more thought concentrated, the faster the creation. In this way beautiful flowers emerge, as we see the creation energy focusing the color blue, in the flower before the man in profile. You can see his electrical thought energy rooting down into the substrate below him. If you look at the mans head you will also see the outlines of buildings in a future city the man is creating through his thought. Out of all of my paintings this is my favorite, also the colors are exquisite in it.


Circus is about the jadedness of forced revelry.The circus has come to town. If you look at the top of the painting you will see the clowns eyes, one wide open to the excitement and one closed in weary jadedness to the sameness of each and every day spent in revelry. In the bottom left hand corner you will a little girl with pigtails dreaming of the circus tent which stands over her head. In the very center you see an adoring Jack in the Box staring up at the clown. And last but not least in the upper right hand corner you will see that the clowns red hair is actually a koi fish representing personal strength in overcoming adversity.This is one painting of mine that does not photograph well as the beauty of the painting are the subtleties of the colors which do not come up well in a photograph

Previous Painting

Four Amigos And A Baby In Search of The Treasure of The Sierra Madre Or Any Other Treasure They Can

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Father Christmas Visits The Tidepool of Time

On this path let the heart be your guide for the body is hesitant and full of fear- Rumi

As Ethereal As a Summer Day, Life Comes, Then Slips Away

Before death takes away what you are given, give away what there is to give - Rumi

Working Through Maslow's Hierarchy

If you look at the purple figure on the red horse you will see him complete with plumed helmet much the same as Julius Caesar wore.
The metaphysical color of purple representing the future, the imagination and dreams, while spiritually calming the emotions.
Purple inspires and enhances psychic ability and spiritual enlightenment.
The triangular eyes of the purple animals including Julius, symbolize the narrowing of Maslow's Hierarchy, with each creature being at a different level of spiritual evolution.
Salvador Dali's Dali time piece is seen on the left side of the painting, as the head of a wheelchair bound individual struggling with spirituality versing physicality.
Tiny animals cavort at the bottom of the painting symbolizing the playful nature of spiritual evolution, while the space above them shows all the imperfections of life that contribute to one's spiritual climb.
At the top of the painting we see two teenagers gazing upward with all the belief of adolescence imagining just how good it's going to feel when they get there.

Girl in An Orange Scarf Jumping Out of a Swan Cake

Nothing Lasts
Nothing is Perfect
Nothing is ever finished

Is Fear of Papparazzi Holding You Back


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Heart or The Natural Revolution of Family

Heart is about the encapsulation of the dynamics within the individual family unit. Every family has a heart to it and all family members revolve around the heart.This family and painting starts from the heart usually the mother showing the cycles of life. Starting in the bottom left hand corner we see the energizer bunny of youth. Next going to the upper left in a clockwise fashion we see the mountain of sagacity of middle age. And finally in the upper right hand corner still going clockwise we see the tremulous stage of very old age

The Sugar Coating of Marriage Is It Realistic

This painting is about unrealistic expectations that true love will win out, and all differences will be rolled in the sugar of compromise with the beloved

Alien Child Creator

This is painting of an alien child creator with his adoring Mama looking at her creative baby. The child is growing a garden of toys with his playful energy. The painting is very busy as in his excitement new toys keep occurring to him one after the other. The painting also has a somewhat unfinished appearance as in all mind creation, creation is never complete but is constantly in flux.This is a painting that does not photography well. In real life the alien child just glows with a luminous brilliance

From Macrocosm to Microcosm An Ode to de Kooning's Excavation

This is a painting that does not photograph the exquiste detailing of tiny creatures. It is quite a gorgeous painting when one can view the fine detail and in fact one of my favorites

Creation Two / Rarefied Ascension

A Cup of Tea, For Me Me Me

Peter Pan in Always Always Land


Love Always Wins Out

It is too powerful, not to.

Family of Three and The Luck of The Irish

Family is about the restructuring of the family unit breaking tradition with old mores. Families without fathers can be happy and strong too. Maybe the lady bug on Mama's head is indicating she is lucky, she ended a bad relationship and is more than capable of going it alone.

Inner Definition of Low Self-Worth Restricts Good Entering Into Life

The Queen
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Soft Abstract Expressionism Art
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