The Rebirth of Deities

A fascinating glimpse into statue restoring - an uncommon profession in the Chinese community.

Director : Tey Kok Hau
Producer : Fu Yek Ming
Genre : Documentary
Runtime : 10 Minutes 27 Seconds


Cannibalism becomes an unconventional but efficient means of dealing with depression.

Director : Cech Adrea
Producer : Mustaqim Mohamed
Genre : Drama/Horror
Runtime : 4 Minutes 53 Seconds

Sungai Endau

A comedic rebuttal to the burning question:
When is the official weekend? Johor (Friday/Saturday) or Pahang (Saturday/Sunday)?

Director : Ooi Wei Seng
Producer : Ooi Wei Seng
Genre : Drama/Comedy
Runtime : 6 Minutes

Johor Unsung Eco Warriors

Two youths from Kelab Alami Tanjung Kupang struggle to save the flora and fauna found near their secluded mangove area.

Director : Hakim Malik
Producer : Amin Khairuddin
Genre : Documentary
Runtime : 2 Minutes


A reporter embarks on a journey to discover the mystical art of Barongan.

Director : Ariff Ani
Producer : Raden Azwan
Genre : Documentary
Runtime : 5 Minute


Johor Bahru is a land of opportunity for a Japanese man who seeks a better life in Malaysia.

Director : Mahmood Sukhairi
Producer : Shin Muraoka
Genre : Documentary
Runtime : 5 Minutes

Anak Tok Mamat

An uplifting story about a kampung superhero.

Director : Wan Utama
Producer : Adli Effendy
Genre : Drama/Sci-fi
Runtime : 8 Minutes 20 Seconds


A metaphysical story about an adventure of a teenage boy to rediscover his soul and spirit.

Director : Amirul Hakim
Producer : Amirul Hakim
Genre : Drama/Animation
Runtime : 5 Minutes


Time is everything as a woman's journey into depression and suffering leads to a more meaningful and valuable understanding of life.

Director : Jonathan Jayasuria
Producer : Rinesh Timoga
Genre : Drama
Runtime : 10 Minutes 24 Seconds


A trip to escape Earth to Mars has been cut short - by a piece of wood through the windshield.

Director : Naqib Mohamed
Genre : Drama
Runtime : 11 Minutes 32 Seconds

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