Patterns & Colours

Woven Patterns

11. Tweed

Woven Patterns

Choose your pattern, there are many variations
With or without borders

1. Plain
2 Stripes
3. Motif- Flame
4. V with Border
5. Motif - Double U (W)
6 & 8 Dog tooth
7. Plain with border
9. Motif- Feather
10. stripes
11. Tweed

All the Pretty Patterns....

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Patterns - contrast colours


Black Horse hair

Stunning simply on its own...

Chestnut Hair

Chestnut hair has many different colours and shades.
By selecting different combination of hair colours, each bracelet is unique to you....

Grey Hair

Can split out grey and black/brown hairs to be completely White
or Randomly mixing colours

Every Day Wear-Stainless Steel Clasps

Engravable Magnetic
Twist Magnetic

Sterling Silver

Hammered Horse Shoe- Cap ends

Sterling Silver

Plain Horse cap ends

Farriers Nail Sterling Silver Range

Inspired design from a horse shoe nail
Choose from
Farrier nail cap ends
Nail shaped Heart
Nail shaped pin/pendant

This range is NEW so please add in special request Box

Bling it Up...

Stainless Steel Magnetic Clasps
5mm & 6mm Brushed Gold
5mm Round Crystal
6mm Oval Crystal

Contemporary Horse Hair Jewellery

Hand Made in South Africa

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