Tom Ro Haven

Equine and Children's Charity

Tom Ro Haven Charity

I wanted to tell you about this wonderful Equine and Childrens Charity
and my involvement for the last 6 years Itry and support them as much as I can with a personal donation. But thought how could additionally help them. So for every orderand donate 50% of proceeds from every item you purchase from me .

Gillian and Stephanie have been saving broken and mis- abused horses and ponies for years. By saving them, they prevent cruelty, promote the welfare of all animals, and uplift our youth and their communities.
They are a non- profit organisation and rely soley on donations...
No longer having time with my busy work life, to have these beautiful souls in my life, I visit and help when I can.

All Ready To Wear Jewellery comes this beautiful herds tail hair....

The Horses and Ponies

I don't have a favourite, there all gorgeous and unique in there own way, all with different stories on how they arrived at the Haven!
Just a few photos too many to chose from....

The Children & Youth

The Haven as we call it, brings children and youth from surrounding communities at weekends to help them learn about horse management, learn to ride or just for therapy.
Their smiling faces from the joy the horses and ponies bring is heart melting!

How Can I Donate?

Why not help and visit their web site
You can donate or better still sponsor a horse or pony monthly every little helps big or small

Web site:-

Thank you

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Supporting Tom Ro Haven a wonderful Equine and Children''s Charity