McGregor is a small village about 180Km from Cape Town and has proved to the perfect setting for a small intimate festival such as The McGregor Poetry Festival

Views of the Village

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Village Life Style

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The McGregor Poetry Festival

The McGregor Poetry Festival was initiated by the residents of McGregor  to honour poets and poetry...

Poetry Festival Venues

Special places for special events

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Africa! My Africa!

Herds of wildebeest and dust of galloping ....

South African Poets

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The Rising

One day your soul will call to you ...

International Poets


I drive my car again in driving rain ...

Local Poets

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Werfhonde siklus

Pixel het weer muf ou winkelbroodbrood ....


Into the labyrinth I step ...

Little Local Poets and Artists

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Waldorf Primary School

The McGregor Waldorf Primary School has been nurturing the creative, imaginative and artistic expression in children for the past 20 years. Working with stories, poetry, drama, rhythm, colour, music and song form part of the educational process on a daily basis.

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Billy Kennedy

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The McGregor Poetry Festival

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