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Monfalcone Port

Product installed: Galileo on light tower
Wide area port LED lighting

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Galileo AEC luminaire (floodlight series), developed for wide area LED lighting, has been chosen for the outdoor LED lighting of Monfalcone port.
All the previous lamps featuing gas – 80s, have been replaced with 36 efficient fixtures from Galileo floodlighting series (12 floodlight for each light towers).
On 25th May, a lighting performance test has been carried out during the night with excellent results.

The project for the new LED wide area lighting of Monfalcone port has allowed the company who manage the area, to reach excellent lighting performance in accordance with the European Standard
UNI EN 12464-2 and the regional Standard (L.R.15/2007).
Thanks to this project of LED lighting improvement, today Monfalcone port benefits of high level of energy savings, low maintenance costs and an important reduction of light pollution.

Helsinki (Finland)
Product installed: ITALO 1

For an important urban project, it’s essential to choose an efficient outdoor lighting.
For this important building in Helsinki, the Finnish Public Authorities needed an innovative LED solution able to make the area more interesting, safer and
AEC Illluminazione has been chosen to provide a new LED lighting system able to meet their requirements, taking into consideration the need to save the
ITALO luminaire was selected for lighting up the whole area in front of the building. The luminaire has been designed for urban and street lighting and it’s perfect for urban and steet project where Public Authorities need to reach energy savings and to reduce lighting pollution.

ITALO allows to reach different needs and effects
according to the customers and project goals. For this installation, the goals were high performance, high energy efficiency and great design.
AEC luminaires have been considered the perfect solutions. ITALO design is functional and the
innovation begins from within. At every possible
opportunity, the luminaire has been engineered to work better.
The new building in Helsinki is featured by style and elegance. A new urban design which made
connections between people, places and nature.
AEC lighting has proved to be the easiest way to save energy and reduce operating costs.
Choosing LED lighting, Finnish Public Authorities and citizens obtained a lot different advantages.
Luminaires by LED technology are more durable and offer better light quality than other types of lighting.

Product installed: LED-in

The new Rosignano toll booth and the junction roads between the A12 highway and the Aurelia state road opened in 2011.
The A12 passes by the Tyrrhenian coast crossing three regions from the north of the country to Rome. The Rosignano stretch is crucial for the area.
The new infrastructure allows a direct entrance to the Tyrrhenian highway without passing through other junctions. It also led to an important reduction in traffic that can be considered a starting point for the Tyrrhenian highway.
The new junctions and the toll booth (for a total of 14 cash payment boxes 4 of which are automated) were both lit with LED-in. The product, developed for street lighting, is equipped with Comfort Light Optic.

Comfort Light Optic: the new AEC optic system that allows a perfect control of the luminous flux guaranteeing an excellent performance and durability.
LED-in has a refined design paying particular attention to the aesthetical details and state-of-the-art
technology and unparalleled performance.
AEC also worked for SAT (Società Autostrade
Tirrenica – the company responsible for the
building and maintenance of the highway along the west coast) in other important projects such as the Rimazzano tunnel north of the Rosignano toll booth. This tunnel was lit with TLED.

Product installed: LUNOIDE

In 2008 the project of the new building for the
Bologna City Hall was completed.
The City Hall with its contemporary design is composed of three buildings with different heights (seven, ten and eleven floors) and a multistory car park.
This important and functional project has put
together all the municipal offices once distributed in 21 different areas of the city.
This wide and efficient urban project affected the city development as a whole.
The building hosts more than a thousand
employees and is an attractive point for all the
citizens living in the neighborhood thanks to the many services, shops, restaurants, sport facilities and green areas that have
opened in the surroundings.

This neighborhood has humble origins dating back to the IX century.
Today the area has new public spaces featured by a modern architecture.
LUNOIDE was chosen for the street lighting of the area.
The luminaire, born in 1998, has been a great
success for the company.
LUNOIDE was and still is chosen by many cities and is particularly used for street lighting applications where urban and suburban traffic is considerable.


Products installed: ITALO and ITALO 2 Urban TS

Discover ITALO Series

Milan is the first big Italian city with LED luminaires.
AEC provided the city with 100,000 fittings of the ITALO Series (ITALO 1 and ITALO 2 Urban TS): a range of products that has convinced both in terms of energy efficiency and lighting
The installation of the new luminaires had begun in summer 2014 with the delivery of thousands of light fixtures.
Many areas of the city center have been lit up with ITALO such as Corso Buenos Aires, a high
traffic congested central street and one of the longest commercial avenues in Europe with its 1,600 meters of length.
The street lighting was refurbished with the ITALO 2 Urban luminaires in a suspended version (TS).
Among other important areas of the city it is worth quoting: Viale Sarca, Viale Monza, Piazzale Loreto, the Bastioni of Porta Venezia, Via Corsica, Via Melchiorre Gioia and Viale Forlanini.

The project includes Viale Zara, Corso Sempione, Viale Liguria, Viale Certosa and some other main areas such as Via Solferino (home of the prestigious daily newspaper Il Corriere della Sera), Zona Tortona (mostly known as “Tortona Fashion District”), the area of Navigli (a vibrant and twenty-four-hour crowded district full of artists, musicians and university students).
On the occasion of the next Universal Exhibition, Milan unveils a brand new skyline, the first in Italy that is in competition with some of the most iconic European capitals.
Famous architects, designers and engineers worked to give the city a modern and cutting-edge face situated near Porta Garibaldi that also includes the new lighting from ITALO.



Products installed: ITALO and GALILEO

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Turin city has committed the new LED street lighting of the city to AEC. The company has won a prestigious tender by IREN SERVIZI E INNOVAZIONE (the service utility company that manages Turin’s electrical supply) for more than 45,000 luminaries: ITALO, the fixture for street and urban LED lighting and GALILEO floodlight for architectural LED lighting.
This bold choice allowed the Municipality to realize significant cost reductions and 60% energy savings.
This means 24.945.000 kWh per year.

In line with the need of the Horizon 2020 European projects and the indications of the European Commission in terms of energy efficiency, Turin is a very Smart City.
Turin LED lighting has represented a prestigious project for resolving the main problems in terms of energy, environment and mobility.
The goal was to launch a new model of development, which was both socially and economically credible and with effective results for the new outdoor street LED lighting.

45,000 AEC fixtures
More Safety. More Efficiency.

60% of Energy Savings.
10,700 less tons of CO2
4,664 tons of oil equivalent.


Product installed: ITALO

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Brescia has chosen AEC efficient street lamps undertaking an energy savings project and replacing all the traditional lamps of the public lighting with LED efficient and safer lighting system.
A new success for AEC has been specified for the supply of more than 16,000 LED street luminaires.
ITALO fixture has become a benchmark in public lighting and it has allowed Brescia to became a Smart City.
AEC has stood out for its technical proficiency, guaranteeing the best in performance and energy savings.

The extraordinary production set-up has also contributed to this new success.
Completely automated assembly lines guarantee quick response time.
Brescia covers an area of 90,34 km2 with about 195.500 inhabitants.
The city consumed more than 18 million kWh of electrical energy every year.
With new LED efficient fixtures from AEC products range, the city forecasts a remarkable 40% reduction of annual energy consumption, leading to around 8 million euros savings in the Municipality cashes in just 10 years.

16,000 AEC fixtures
Quality and Sustainability.

A 50% of Energy Savings
1,300 less tons of oil equivalent
2,700 less tons of CO2
1,5 less tons of RAEE

With new LED efficient fixtures from AEC products range, the city forecasts a remarkable 50% reduction of annual energy consumption, leading to around 8 million euros savings in the Municipality cashes in just 10 years.
Street LED lighting means more efficiency and savings for cities.
But there is more to it than that. LED lamps from AEC have a longer life cycle leading to less damaged lamps and less maintenance.
The city has calculated that every year less than 2,500 lamps will get burnt and less than 10,000 luminaires will be replaced.

Energy efficiency, a longer life cycle and reduced maintenance costs have also a deep impact on the environment.
A 50% decrease of consumed energy every year leads to a reduction of carbon emissions, 1,300 tons of oil equivalent and 2,700 tons of CO2.
LED longer life permits to avoid the production of more than 1,5 tons of RAEE (electric and electronic waste) every year.
The replacement of the old lamps removed any mercury trace and other polluting substances according to reference standards.
Last but not least ITALO’s state-of-the-art optics have guaranteed a better lighting for citizens’ safety.


Product installed: ITALO

Discover ITALO

9,000 AEC Fixtures

High Performance.
High Quality.
High Efficiency.

Bergamo started an important Smart City project for increasing energy efficiency, reducing general costs and obtaining more eco-sustainability and safety.
The city selected efficient street fixtures from AEC.
AEC won the tender from the regional supplier for the new LED street lighting of the city, replacing more than 15,000 street lanterns.
Thanks to the efficiency of AEC street and urban luminaires for outdoor LED lighting, Bergamo has been able to reduce 50% of energy costs and 3,15 million euros within 9 years.

Bergamo reduced the power consumption per year from 8,8 millon kWh to 5 milion kWh.
Choosing LED street lamps by AEC, Bergamo obtained many advantages in terms of energy efficiency, safety, light quality and sustainability.
ITALO guarantees high performance, excellent color rendering and comfort light.
The new street LED fixtures assured Bergamo longer lifetime, quality and functionality, avoiding the replacement of damage fixtures every year and avoiding to find turned-off fixtures on the streets.

Ferrari Headquarters
Product installed: ITALO

For Ferrari, the world’s most prestigious car company, Maranello Public Authority has chosen ITALO for the new outdoor lighting scheme.
In this amazing workplace, passion, innovation and technology are
harnessed for creating their state-of-the-art cars for GT and Formula 1.
“Ferrari city” is the area for both the Headquarters and all the
productions units.
Ferrari Headquarters is very modern in style and it is recognised as one of the best, most advanced facilities in the world.
The building has been designed by famous experts in architecture, engineering and automobile sector.
The Ferrari Team design innovative and functional cars using high
performance machinery and yet they are always focussing on
environmental issues.

Maranello wanted to improve Ferrari Headquarters even further with new outdoor lighting.
Thanks to its efficient, functional and safer lighting performance AEC has been chosen to provide the area with new powerful luminaires.
Maranello Public Authority considered energy efficiencies and cost reductions as a priority. For this project, the LED luminaire ITALO was considered the perfect product to meet these project goals.
We’re proud of having lit up the world’s most powerful brand. AEC and Ferrari have the same principles in common and share a similar
company philosophy: passion, innovation, investments.
Behind the creation of any luminaire, there are people, their
experience, knowledge and determination.
These elements allow them to create efficient luminaires that improve every single human life with a safer and functional light.

Product installed: ITALO

Tønsberg is a Norwegian village in the county of Vestfold.
It is a typical harbor of the area and an important reference for AEC. In just one year since its launch ITALO has achieved resounding success in Norway.
In Tønsberg, ITALO was installed in a small touristic harbour, south-west of the fjord that runs along the village. For this project AEC provided the city with 16 luminaires. ITALO is part of a series developed for street and decorative public lighting, available in different optic and power voltage versions.
That’s why it was chosen for this and many other projects in the country.

LED lighting constitutes a great part of the public lighting market in Norway.
Also in this project, the energy savings issue was considered a top priority. ITALO completely fulfilled all the performance and consumption requests of the customer from small villages to large urban areas ITALO can meet any application demands for street and decorative lighting.

Efficiency lighting

AREZZO (Italy)
Product installed: ITALO

The Arezzo Business Centre is strategically positioned in the central area of the country.
Arezzo and its surroundings represent one of the most attractive touristic areas in Italy in terms of natural beauty and artistic heritage.
Thanks to its privileged position Arezzo can be easily reached by car via motorway and train. The Arezzo business centre, built during the Eighties, now has an exhibition area of 16,000 sqm.
This Business Centre is one of the most important exhibition venues in Italy, hosting many international shows for jewelry, food (e.g. oil and wine) and hotel & hostelling facilities.

With the new plan, the Business Centre will turn into the most important exhibition area in the centre of Italy.
Following the enlargement of the exhibition area and the construction of a new parking lot in time for the 2014 OroArezzo Exhibition - the international trade show dedicated to gold smithery,
silverware and jewelry - brand new outdoor lighting was installed, using AEC ITALO luminaire.The new LED luminaire was installed in the post top version with a combination of single, twin and quadruple mounted lighting points.
A total of 67 ITALO 1 0F3 STW 4.7-3M luminaires with a power of 77W, a 4,000K colour temperature and an automatic dimming profile were used. ITALO was equipped with STW optic: an asymmetrical wide emission street optic for wide streets and wet asphalt.

Product installed: ITALO

Planning of the large Castelletti area in the former IP industrial settlement, was directly commissioned by the Municipality of La Spezia: a completely new area that includes the new stretch of the Aurelia highway which is considered as one of the main Italian roads.
The new project allows a direct entrance to the city centre of La Spezia: an infrastructure project of a total investment of about 200 million Euros. The project includes a total of 100 ITALO 1 0F2H1 STU- M 4.7-4M with a power of 79W, a luminous flux of 7610lm and the standard 4000K colour temperature (white light).

The devices were installed at a height of 8 meters with approximately 30 meters inter distance in the straight lines. The inster distance was slightly reduced close to junctions and roundabouts.
The area is a high traffic populated road
intersection consisting of straight lines, junctions and roundabouts.
Therefore an appropriate lighting level was provided for each of the areas concerned. Based on the analysis of risks developed by the Municipality of La Spezia, which has identified a ME3a category (1.0cd/mq) for straight sections, AEC designed adequate installation geometries in order to achieve the ME3a category (1.0 cd / m²) for the straight lines and the CE2 category (20 lux) for the junctions and roundabouts. The new STU-M ITALO optic reached excellent results during the software lighting design and, above all, in the field after the devices installation’s had been completed.

ULEFOSS (Norway)
Product installed: ITALO

AEC Illuminazione is proud to introduce another project with ITALO luminaire. The project was carried out in collaboration with Multilux who are AEC’s official partner in Norway.
ITALO perfectly fitted with the natural environment of the area. The luminaire enhanced another Nordic scenario and in every season at any temperature! The white LED light and the state-of-the-art optical system of ITALO respected and valued the natural colour of the landscape and, at the same time, they guaranteed safety to the many pedestrians and vehicles passing by these country streets.
The installation is in Ulefoss, a little village along Norsjø Lake, in the south of the country.

Scandinavian countries are the ones who dedicate more attention to the eco-sustainable, environment respect and energy savings issues, minimising the consumption and living with lighting levels that are low but uniform. All of this was fully accomplished by the offered AEC solution. The local Norwegian market highly appreciated the product thanks to its extraordinary versatility.
This product can match with many different installation needs: from the wide streets of traffic-congested highways to the narrow country roads. And even from Corso Buenos Aires in the heart of Milan to the unspoilt Nordic landscape. Italy gives value to light everywhere.

E134 - BUSKERUD (Norway)
Product installed: ITALO 3

AEC, in collaboration with Multilux, recently carried out the first project in Norway with ITALO 3, the wider version of the successful ITALO series. The product was chosen by the Norwegian Public Road Authority that were also responsible for the planning, construction and operation of the national and county road networks, this is one important stretch of the E134 state road between Dunstable and Kongsberg in the county of Kongsberg.
This installation is the first of its genre in Norway. Taking into consideration the dimensions of the road and the traffic volume, no other street has ever used LED technology for roads like this

Comfort Light.

This is a 7 kilometres stretch with 162 ITALO installed. The luminaires have 10, 11 and 13 LEDs in relation to the width of the street.
ITALO 3 is equipped with the innovative STW optic, a wide emission asymmetrical optic for wide streets and wet asphalt.
The product fulfilled the Norwegian authority’s requirements in terms of lighting performance and energy savings.

Product installed: ITALO

Once again, the UK demonstrates its awareness of
Eco sustainability and technical innovation by choosing ITALO for the new LED lighting of University of Hertfordshire.
The University was founded in 1952 and it is among the 25 most important colleges in the country today.
The institute represents an advanced world, where scientific culture, innovation and attention to the environment are all essential pillars.
There are more than 5,200 students and a global channel of 160.000 students.
We are proud to have contributed to the functional public lighting of public and private institutions such as the one of Hertfordshire, an amazing university where 50 academic departments and 24 research centres are 100% active.

We collaborated with Kingfisher lighting, our official Partner in UK, and decided to offer our key product: ITALO, a high performance luminaire, perfect for every type of installation.
In this specific case, the goal was to provide safer outdoor lighting, as it is a place with a high amount of traffic.
Our mission was to guarantee safety and energy saving for a very important university that plays a key role in maintaining UK prosperity.
The aim of the UK is to create a new generation of universities and to be 100% innovative, which is why it has chosen LED technology for the public lighting of this type of area. We think that the buildings, as well as the surrounding areas, have to be original, new and adequate for students.
We were able to maintain our promise to provide a safer, functional and comfortable lighting in those areas where students live and study.

San Sebastián (Spain)
Product installed: ITALO

AEC Illuminazione has collaborated with the Public Authority of San Sebastián, in Spain, for the new outdoor street lighting of the city. For the Spanish metropolis, public lighting represents a very important factor.
With Italo, the city has obtained high efficient luminous flux and more safety for citizens.
The Public Authority requested LED luminaires featured by high flexibility, modularity and comfort. Thanks to AEC professional support, the client has chosen the right version of Italo series, in accordance with the project needs.

Italo street lamp has assured an efficient and functional exterior lighting: essential for safety and for obtaining a comfort urban atmosphere.
The fixture has allowed the lighting project in San Sebastián, to obtain high visibility during the night, increasing safety for vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and reducing street accidents.
Another important issue is the crime prevention. AEC fixture has been installed in the streets, improving the quality of the life and giving a feeling of safety.

Auckland (New Zealand)

Product installed: ITALO

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Auckland Transport is responsible for all of the region’s transport services (excluding state highways), from roads and footpaths, to cycling, parking and public transport. Auckland Transport, having studied the development of LED street lighting and learnt from the experience of major cities world-wide, are now embarking on a major deployment of LED luminaires across the city. This allows the cost-effective implementation of their white light policy with up to 50% energy saving and lower cost of ownership.
The advent of high quality LED luminaires has reduced the "cost of ownership" to a level that now makes them the number one choice for all street lighting. LED luminaires will allow Auckland Transport to reduce their street lighting power consumption by up to 50%. The Authority has invited Techlight, AEC Illuminazione official partner in New Zealand, to present a new lighting scheme specifing ITALO for the city of Auckland.

Auckland Transport recognised the benefits of "white light" street lights for safety and comfort of all road users - motorists, cyclists and pedestrians - back in 2003:
- imparts natural appearance due to better colour rendition and generates a feeling of security and wellbeing;
- makes city centres and places of interest appear more natural and attractive, and thereby attract more people;
- research indicates that 'white' light may reduce an observer's reaction time under normal street lighting conditions.
ITALO luminaires further reduce the cost of ownership by design:
- their optical systems, developed by AEC Illuminazione’s R&D department, are built to cope with a wide range of installation geometries, giving a higher luminence to power ratio than many LED luminaires;
- the quality of design and componentry gives ITALO a world-beating lifespan.

Vantaa (Finland)
Product installed: ITALO

Vantaa is one of the 4 municipalities of the metropolitan area of Helsinki with a population of about 205.000 inhabitants.
The closeness to the Finnish capital has allowed the city to economically grow and develop over the years. Companies and urban areas have spread around the main means of road and rail transport that connect the city with the rest of the country. In brief the city represents one of the most relevant centres for the economy of the country hosting every year some international events in many business areas. The annual Finnish Housing Fair is such a remarkable example. The fair area has over 40 homes, that were open to public; a total of 350 environmentally friendly apartments surrounded by green areas and comfortable urban environment.

AEC Illuminazione has been called for presenting the urban lighting scheme of the new neighborhood. In collaboration with Silux, official partner in Finland, the company provided the area with ITALO. The luminaires have been installed along the streets, squares, pedestrian and cycle paths. This project has proved that living in an efficient and eco-sustainable urban environment it is possible. Manufacturing companies and public authorities have built up a residential area where citizens’ well-being and safety are top priorities. AEC Illuminazione is proud of having participated to the project confirming its commitment to energy efficiency issues. Once more ITALO has been the right high-efficient solution and a recognised international benchmark for LED street and urban lighting.

Assisi (Italy)
Product installed: ITALO

Higher visual comfort, remarkable energy savings, environmental respect and accentuation of the historical and artistic heritage of the surrounding areas are the key points that have made the municipality choose ITALO for the roundabout and street urban lighting downline of the stunning city of Assisi.
With these new installations the requalification and updating of the city public lighting network goes on in old and new urban settlements. The project is part of an infrastructural improvement of the area next to the famous church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, one of the most famous tourist attractions of the city.
ITALO 1 is equipped with High Performance Optic, the innovative optical system designed within AEC Illuminazione R&D laboratories.

The reflection method used in AEC reflectors development allows better and higher performance, reductions in glaring effect and high visual comfort. Due to the kind of application ITALO 1 has been installed with specific asymmetrical optic for urban streets.
The new luminaires have guaranteed great energy savings with considerable reduction on CO2 emissions and better light quality. ITALO also proved better results in terms of efficiency with less environmental pollution and energy consumption.
ITALO is the LED efficient fixture for urban lighting that has become a benchmark in public lighting business. The product has allowed many large and small cities to undertake with great success energy efficient lighting projects. Assisi can be considered a remarkable example due to its historical and cultural importance that can’t be underestimated by any lighting scheme.
With ITALO the access to Assisi has a new, more efficient, safer and eco-sustainable light. These are all unparalleled advantages for the local municipality, citizens and the thousands of tourists who everyday cross these roads.

Høvik (Norway)
Product installed: ITALO 1 and LED-in

AEC Illuminazione, along with Multilux, official partner in Norway, have worked for the new LED lighting of some of the most important Norwegian railway stations. Høvik station, just a few kilometres from Oslo, is a good example of this kind of installation.
It is situated along the Drammen line, one of the most important economic centre of the country. Built at the end of the IX century, the station has changed a lot over the years following the development of transport services. The last updates were made in 2014 with the construction of new buildings, platforms and underpasses, meeting the different needs of a continuing higher number of commuters who daily travel to and fro Oslo and Drammen.

AEC Illuminazione, in collaboration with Multilux, has been called for the new LED lighting of the station and the surrounding car parks. Parking and platforms have been lit up with ITALO 1, in post top version. For the rails the customer chose LED-in luminaires.
Such an innovative project has offered advantages in terms of energy savings but, above all, has considerably improved passengers’ safety.

Yas Marina
Formula 1 Circuit
Abu Dhabi

Product installed: ITALO

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ITALO fixture, developed by AEC for exterior street LED lighting, represents one of the best lighting solutions. Since always the fixture confirms to be the right solution for lighting projects where energy savings and cost reductions are paramount.
ITALO fixture has been chosen for the new outdoor lighting of Yas Marina Circuit - United Arab Emirates – where on 2015 Formula 1 Gran Prix took place. ITALO has been chosen for the redevelopment of the whole outdoor area where wonderful parks, luxury hotels and residential area have been built.
AEC was chosen for the outdoor lighting of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and in that occasion, the company guaranteed efficient and performance lighting solutions. In fact, AEC has been confirmed once again for this important projects for Yas Marina circuit.

The fixture assures safer, comfort and eco-sustainable light. These are three significant elements for area where traffic is intense every day.
AEC helps Municipalities in achieving the best performance in lighting, providing citizens and visitors from all over the world safer lights.
ITALO street lamp has been chosen for its high performance and the client obtained many advantages.
Thanks to LED lights the city is now able to have every year important energy savings, general cost reductions and eco-sustainability. In occasion of world events like Formula 1 Gran Prix, it’s very important to choose street and urban lamps which assure functionality and safety. With AEC new LED fixtures, Yas Marina has reached its goal, changing its look.

Immingham Industrial Port (The UK)
Product Installed: Galileo

AEC Illuminazione has been chosen for the new LED lighting of Immingham Industrial Port, in the UK. “Associated British Port” has chosen the best lighting solution: the new efficient Galileo Floodlight series developed by AEC for outdoor wide area lighting.
The new Galileo Series offers high performance and satisfies the most complex requests by the market. In perfect line with the most Several Standard, AEC has designed a new efficient and functional series which allow to light up through a new proficient way: better, easier and faster.
Each component of the floodlight has been designed by AEC for offering the best performance and the higher reduction in terms of energy consumptions.

Galileo floodlight has allowed Immingham to reduce glaring effects, light pollution and it has allowed to remove mercury materials, very dangerous for humans and environment.
With Galileo floodlight, it has been possible to obtain a lot of advantages: Instant white light and no warm up or cool down, long life up to 100,000hrs thanks to AEC ThermoFlow Technology, good lumen maintenance, minimal maintenance, sophisticated controls options, greater luminaire efficiency and wide ambient temperature range with no loss of performance.
AEC has completely transform the industrial area, in a new efficient, safer and eco-sustainable space.

10.7kW energy
£2593 energy costs
12.91 tonnes CO2
£240 per mast in maintenance

Barberino di Mugello (Italy)
Product installed: KAOS

The “Barberino Designer Outlet” is in the staggering Mugello region, in Tuscany. Just a few kilometres from Florence, the Outlet is an enchanted shopping village immersed in the magnificent setting of Val di Sieve. The “Barberino Designer Outlet” was designed as a typical renaissance village. The wide parking area surrounding the outlet can host millions of visitors arriving with their cars and by bus every year.
Parking areas are getting more and more important and are considered part of the image of any shopping centre. Given these premises, the word is “functionality”.

For this reason the parking functional lighting was designed choosing KAOS 1 luminaire in order to provide the outlet with an excellent and uniform lighting. KAOS is one of the most successful HID street lighting luminaires manufactured by AEC Illuminazione.
Still today the product is synonymous with reliability, durability and safety.

Larvik (Norway)
Product installed: KAOS

On June 2012 11 kilometres of road between Sky and Larvik opened to vehicles. This stretch is part of the E18. This roadway connects Ireland to St Pietersburg (Russia) crossing the UK, Norway, Sweden and Finland.
The E18 passes through Norway for 450 kilometres, 190 of which have been converted in an efficient highway.
The complete project will be finished by 2030/2040 with the total conversion of the road in highway in the Norwegian territory.
Multilux, AEC Illuminazione Premier Partner in Norway, equipped many stretches of the E18 with AEC Illuminazione street and tunnel luminaires.

The construction of the above-mentioned 11 kilometres of highway made the road safer and more suitable for the high traffic of the area.
The road authority forecasted a 70% reduction of accidents thanks to the better infrastructure in the area.
KAOS was considered the best solution for the street lighting of the stretch.
600 luminaires were installed in the highway along with more than 1661 TZERO, an HID luminaire developed for entrance and interior tunnel lighting.

Product installed: KAOS

Located on Pride Park, at the heart of the city, “the Roundhouse” is a beautiful and
worldwide known complex of buildings.
It was originally constructed in 1839 for the repair of locomotives.
It is one of the oldest and still-standing
buildings of its genre in the world.
Thanks to a wide plan of requalification the building has now the ancient look.
Today it is home to 2,500 students
undertaking vocational courses in trades from construction and engineering to
hairdressing and catering.
The development includes the sympathetic transformation of the once derelict grade II building and a series of new buildings which perfectly complement the character of the original premises.

Functional traditional fixture
for street lighting projects.

The main car park to the front of the site and the overspill car park to the rear were effectively lit with the Kaos 1 luminaire.
The specification included the road lantern distribution fitted with 150w high pressure sodium and mounted at 8m.
In addition to single mounted columns, the scheme utilized a limited number of twin mounted and wall mounted lighting points.
The light distribution allowed for a staggered lighting design approach to the car park layout thus minimising the number of lighting points and the physical intrusion of the scheme.
This project is regarded as the hub to Derby College’s development plans and called upon the design skills of Maber Architects who were responsible for master planning the restoration of the original building and the development plans for the new campus.

Product installed: KAOS

Sometimes light is considered a simple and even banal way of lighting spaces and urban environments. This is not the proper way to consider it. Light is part of social life, it is evidence of human presence. Light reassures and makes the quality of life better.
We can’t simply help without light. Vidar Moløkken, AEC partner in Norway, took this great shot in Sauherad, a small Norwegian village in Telemark County. Here light is respectfully part of the environment, which enhances its beauty. This project was developed with KAOS, one of the most famous HID products designed for street lighting by AEC. It is also one of the most successful products in Norway.
From the biggest cities to the quietest villages, KAOS has always been the right solution for the most different application.

(Emirates United States)

Product installed: KAOS

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The Floating Bridge (pontoon bridge) in Dubai connects Riyadh Road, Dubai Courts and Creek Park on the Bur Dubai side with Baniyas Road, Deira City Centre and the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club on the Deira side.
Floating Bridge is the fifth crossing on Dubai Creek.The bridge, which cost 155 million dirhams to build and has a capacity of 6,000 vehicles an hour, opened on 16 July 2007 with much fanfare.
With a total length of 365 metres and a width of 22 metres, the famous bridge has 6 lines open to traffic and a long pedestrian path.
For this stunning Arabian project, AEC installed about 250 Kaos 2400W high pressure sodium. This product has already been used in many different installations in the Emirates.

In any project AEC offers the best solution matching with the installation needs.
In Dubai, Kaos has been the key strength for an efficient and safer lighting of the bridge.
This lighting solution convinced the Arabian authorities through its versatility and undeniable performance, regarded a considerable success for AEC in Dubai.
It is the second city in the country in terms of population and the second Emirate after Abu Dhabi.

WAIKATO (New Zealand)
Product installed: KAOS

The Waikato region is in the north-west of New Zealand and Hamilton is the most important city with over 180,000 inhabitants.
All the metropolitan area is crossed by many roadways that connect the city to the other parts of the country.
The Waikato Expressway is one of them that directly leads to the city centre, representing one of the most important access routes to Hamilton. The stretch from Te Rapa and Ruakura Road, west of Hamilton, has been completely lit with KAOS that provides effective lighting whilst minimising expense was achieved through optimising the use of different lamp technologies.
High Pressure Sodium (yellow light) was used for clearway sections and Ceramic Metal Halide which provided white light to highlight
intersections, roundabouts, cycleways and pedestrian crossings.

KAOS highway lighting luminaires fitted with a mix of High Pressure Sodium, Ceramic Metal Halide and CosmoPolis lamp technologies have been used on the 4-laning of the Hamilton Ring Road. This solution guaranteed an efficient and safer lighting. Since its launch, KAOS has always proved to be a high-quality luminaire for
functional and technical lighting.
The 4 lanes of Wairere Drive from Te Rapa to Ruakura Road is part of a wider project. The extension to rejoin SH1 on Cobham road is part of the Access Hamilton Project, planning for the long-term transport needs of the city. More than a 100 kilometres of highway that led to an important increase in safety and a reduction of travel times around the main cities.
The Waikato Expressway also connects the whole region to Auckland and the most important industrial areas on the northern part of the country.

Product installed: Q PRO

AEC Illuminazione has been collaborating with Autostrade per l’Italia for many years. The company controls one of the widest highway
networks in Europe.
Autostrade per l’Italia mission is to guarantee an efficiency road network all across the country and provide the necessary transport services towards the major metropolitan areas.
Autostrade per l’Italia is a European leader among concessionaire for the construction and management of toll highways, with its 5,000 km highway network located in Italy, Brasil, Chile, India and Poland.
In 2011 AEC won an important tender for the company.
The project consisted in the requalification of many service areas in the country.

AEC provided Autostrade per l’Italia with Q3 and Q5 PRO luminaires mounted on light towers.
One of the most relevant installations is the one along the A1 motorway, next to Bologna.
AEC installed the QPRO luminaires in one of the most traffic congested service areas along the highway.
Q3 and Q5 PRO were designed with a wide variety of optics and powers. This product range is particularly suitable for all the applications requiring an impeccable design and a high lighting performance.
Both versions features definite lines and are a flat square shape.

PARMA (Italy)
Product installed: SAFETY SERIES

Traffic is one of the big issues for many cities today. It can really make it difficult for pedestrians to safely cross streets and high-traffic areas.
One of the key issues for AEC is to make streets safer not only for drivers but for pedestrians too. Any City includes goals for citizen safety.
Parma is in the centre of Italy, and is a good example of a city that chose AEC safety series luminaires: an efficient, safe and convenient solution. The system is composed by a column with a crossing signal and a Q QUADRO luminaire. The aim of the project was to give the area a high performing lighting close to pedestrian crossings.
AEC installed the safety series in an important shopping area where hundreds for Q QUADRO luminaires had already been mounted.

Considering the high number of pedestrians and vehicles passing by the entrance and exit area of the shopping district, the use of an appropriate lighting system close to pedestrian crossings has been a winning choice. The installation guarantees citizens a safer passage through the entire area.

Product installed: BABEL

AEC lit up many areas of Ravenna, which is one of the most key cities in the Romagna region along the Adriatic coast.
The Municipality has started a project of renovation of all the public lighting. In three years more than 8500 luminaires will be replaced with brand new LED fixtures.
Many important projects have already been developed in the area. Many streets, in fact, have already a LED lighting system installed.
One of the most important installations is the one with Babel, a high power LED light tower designed for the lighting of roundabouts, parking and wide areas.

Babel is featured by a triangular section tower composed of two 15 m high masts. The LED modules are replaceable and integrated in the frame.
The IP 66 protection degree of the optical unit is guaranteed.
This light tower was installed in a roundabout at the end of Via Trieste and Via Attilio Monti, at the very beginning of an important industrial park area.
Via Trieste is a crucial road leading to the seaside, the harbor and many touristic beaches.The Municipality considered the safety of this area of utmost urgency for Ravenna. Thanks to this innovative light tower, AEC completely fulfilled the installation requirements.


Products installed: XMOD PRO and Q PRO

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The river Nera Valley crosses the two Italian Regions of Marche and Umbria, from the Sibillini mountains to the city of Terni.
The new bridge is part of the national route S.S. 675 between Terni and Rieti, a few miles away from the famous Marmore waterfalls.
The bridge is a major work for the new geometric configuration of the architectural structure and for the high value of the engineering solutions.
The bridge is 300 metres long and 70 metres high with a supporting structure made of arch-shaped steel tubes with a diameter of 2,2 metres. AEC lighting designers wanted to highlight the structure of the Arch Bridge and the street board all along its length. The luminaires chosen respected this idea and were positioned to make the installation of the fittings easier for themselves.

The project includes a mixed system of discharge and LED luminaires, in both cases the choice of an appropriate optic was crucial to highlight the structures without creating a uniform and flat effect.
The discharge luminaires with spot optics were installed at the base of the arch structure in order to benefit from the cylindrical shape and to better manage the light beam.
In addition to the supporting structures AEC has highlighted the outer edge of the road surface through the installation of the LED floodlights XMOD PRO mounted on a plate along the bridge border.
Following the floodlights used for the project:
- N.6 floodlights Q5 PRO SPOT HQI-T D 250W 5200K;
- N.4 floodlights Q5 PRO SPOT HQI-BT D 400W 5900K.
- N.60 XMOD ST 4-2-18, 18 LED 2400lm 30W 4000K.

Product installed: TLED PRO

Lancing Boarding school is one of the most prestigious and well-known public schools in West Sussex, in the UK.
Lancing College is a co-educational English independent school in the British public school tradition, founded in 1848 by Nathaniel Woodard. Woodard’s aim was to provide education based on sound principle and sound knowledge, firmly grounded in the Christian faith.
The particular gothic school features an important architectural structure, in fact it attracts a lot of visitors from all over the world.
The college is situated on a hill which is part of the South Downs, and the campus dominates the local landscape.
The British school decided to give more value to its architecture, lighting up the wide green area around the campus.

Public Authorities in the UK have chosen AEC to give the school and students a new functional and efficient public lighting.
AEC, together with the collaboration of Kingfisher Lighting, official Partner in the UK, has decided to offer TLED Pro: the floodlight designed for big areas of lighting in the outdoors.
The LED technology products represent a versatile solution that is able to meet the needs in terms of energy saving, high performance request and environment protection.
AEC floodlights have represented the perfect solution for lighting up more than 166 years of British schools.
For over 60 years, the company provides well-designed and practical luminaires for array installation. For this lighting project, the aim was to reach a significant energy savings with a Made in Italy luminaire featured by a thinner and comfortable aspect.

Kirkstall Bridge (the UK)
Product installed: ITALO

In Yorkshire there is one of the most important shopping mall: the Kirkstall bridge shopping park.
ITALO, from AEC street products range, has been selected for the new parking LED lighting.
The fixture, designed for street, urban and wide area LED lighting, has guaranteed high energy savings, visual comfort and safety.
An important factor during parking lighting development was related to safety for pedestrian.
ITALO is very efficient and functional and it is able to assure perfect visual condition and high quality lighting.

ITALO has been considered the best fixture, able to perfectly meet the most strictest standard about LED parking lighting.
The public authority has chosen AEC as lighting partner.
Thanks to the high performance of the products range, they have obtained high energy savings, the right lighting levels and light quality. ITALO fixture has demonstrated to be one of the best fixture for outdoor LED street lighting.
ITALO features efficiency, excellent color rendering, high functionality and a long life-time.

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