Ok, you've created branded content

possibly using a uber cool papermine-like tool

But once your content is out there,
who is going to help you make the most out of it?

A one stop shop to create and market your content like a pro.
Papermine doesn't leave you alone.

What is Papermine?

Think of Flipboard + Shopify + a book

Papermine, what
can you do for me?



Package any content

text, articles, videos, pics, maps, galleries

Organize it

into subsections and add call to actions to delve deeper

Style it

with kickass italian design

Publish it

we host, you rest.

Deliver it

On every browser, on any device. It works offline too.

Share and track

With social media integration and built-in analytics

Boost your content

with micro online campaigns

(from your booklet)

Automate and repurpose your content

If you sit on large amount of data, use Papermine AI for your content marketing.
Automate your content production and distribution,
create bundles of your top performing content and
repurpose it to boost your conversions.


unlimited content, unlimited storage

Engage through storytelling, it works

content marketing lowers CPL by 33%
your competitors are already investing $130B


Artists and museums

Realtors and

Young brands with awesome products

Ecommerce platforms and brave organisations

Custom solutions for
corporate customers

Machine learning
content marketing

Papermine can learn how well your content stands out and suggest the best practices to create and distribute even smarter content.

Automated content

Papermine can automate the content creation process, streamlining your workflow and making sure that your valuable content gets repurposed and reassembled every time in a different way

Knowledge management
via database integration

Foster knowledge growth by integrating Papermine into your database. It will automatically generate content based on semantics, user response and performance patterns.

In a nutshell, Papermine will monitor how knowledge gets accessed and interacted with, to create multiple libraries of related and high performing content

User cases

Tickets sale grew by 400% in 4 months

300% leads generated
100% sales growth

3’50’’, 50%, 8%.
Outperform with Papermine

3'50" avg session duration; 50% time on page more than an avg web/landing page; 92% avg opening rate. Papermine booklets get read all the way, generating more engagement up to 26x more unique pageviews.

Over 30,000 active users
Happy customers
in the likes of Google,
Dba, Li&Fung, Ferragamo,

and Xin.

For every seller,
there is a buyer.

Create a stunning booklet to showcase your product
and deliver it to the right audience.

Life is interactive. Your content should be too.