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Amount of Horse Hair Required?

So I can select the very best hairs, colours, choose shades tones, etc- A forefinger thickness and full tail length is most important. As many hairs I will not be able to use….

How To Cut your Horses Tail Hair!

Take the full length of the tail hair from the bottom and work up to behind the dock; Don't trim it to length.
Usually you can remove sufficient hair from the horse without it showing by cutting - sparingly - from the back centre of the tail, just under the dock, from several places.
Once collected, Tie with rubber band and put in a clear bag with your name & the horses name and then post.If you are taking from different horses please put in different bags.

Hair from different horses can be used in the same piece, often to wonderful effect. If you don’t have different colours, but like a design I can add stock hair from charity horses, just request

Braided- Hair Requirements

Full length tail hair, as long as possible - ideally 45 cm or longer for Following Ranges- Classics, Uma & Signature
Depending on the design you choose I may use up to 320 hairs and many hairs I wont be able to use!
I need at least a forefingers thickness, If you have unfortunately lost your horse or pony, just send it all and I will always return unused hair with your finished jewellery.
Minimum length 25 cm a little finger thickness- Length more important!

Woven - Hair requirements

Full length tail hair 45cm or longer is required for ALL woven pieces, regardless of finished length. This is because the hair must be long enough to fix on the loom.
The weave patterns come from the contrast in hair shades and colours, either taken from the same tail such as chestnuts, pinto or combining the hair from two or more horses. I can add stock hair of any colour to make the pattern you require.Complexity of the pattern determines how long it takes to weave, so your patience is required. I can add charity colour stock hair to make truly beautiful patterns....

Preparing & Sending Horse Hair

It's not nice working with dirty hair! and although I always wash on arrival, require you to pre-wash it. Simply secure it with a rubber band, wash it in hot water with household liquid detergent, rinse & dry. Please don't use conditioner or silicone products and don't plait the hair or use sticky tape to bind it. Ensure the hair is fully dry before you send it or it may start to rot in the post. Clean hair is very much appreciated!.

Make sure you label the hair clearly so that I can match it up with your order. Include your name and horses name or enclose a print out of your order confirmation.

Posting Details

Postnet to Postnet - Costs R99 - Tracked 2-3 days
Address- to Jane Nock- Horsetinkersjewellery. t-0716345760
Post to :- Physical Post Net Address:
Shop 1B Melcksloot Village, ( Near Somerset Mall)
Somerset West, 7130
Shop Tel: 021 851 5378

Just photo and send me tracking number to collect
FREE Collection/Delivery- If you live local just contact me to request , I cannot always promise but will do my best.


Orders usually take from about 2 - 3 weeks, depending on order levels as I do make in my spare time. I work on a strictly first come; first served basis from the date the order is placed. Your patience is appreciated, if you do need for a special occasion please add date in the “special comments box” and I’ll do my very best to complete.
Just please don’t leave it until the week before!

Wrist or Ring Measurements

Take care to order the correct size as it's not usually possible to alter horse hair jewellery afterwards. For bracelets measure closely around the wrist bone.
If it's for a surprise gift, try to obtain an existing piece of jewellery worn by the person to take a measurement off and write in Special comments box comments “Finished Length”

All rings are cast to order -you can request a ring sizer.

Caring for your horse hair jewellery

How long will the horse hair jewellery last? Actually this mostly this depends on you!
Great effort has gone into making the highest quality piece & making it robust. However, it's true to say that some people look after their jewellery better than others do. The better you care for your jewellery, the longer it will last. It's intended to be worn, but please respect the fact that horse hair is a natural material. If you care for your jewellery, it will reward you with years of enjoyment....

Horse hair is robust but avoid wearing your jewellery next to anything that might cut or abraise it. Polish the silver pieces from time to time with a jeweller's polishing cloth.

Showering while wearing your jewellery is fine but avoid prolonged soaking, especially rings. The jewellery can be gently cleaned very with soap and water if necessary. If you do get bracelets wet DO NOT rub them dry or they may lose there shape or pattern, just leave naturally to dry
Pool chemicals such as chlorine may affect the jewellery so please remove it before swimming.
Magnetic clasps- Do not wear next to your watch

Ready To Wear

Your unique jewellery in made by hand from your horse hair.
Except for Ready to wear pieces which are made from Tom Ro Haven Charity horses hair.


All finished pieces MUST be paid for before posting, including return postage R99 Post net to Post net

They are returned by Post net which are tracked and normally arrive in 2-3 working days, unless you are local near Cape Town and I may be able to deliver by hand.
Rings are made to order so I do require a 50% Deposit

You can pay by EFT

Each item comes in a Presentation Box or Pouch


Every effort will have been made to secure your jewellery to the findings, but occasionally if for some reason they do come away, if you return it in the post I’ll repair for free upto 2 years
I Cannot take responsibility if you order incorrect ring size, so ensure you have correctly sized! these are made to order -No refunds

Contemporary Horse Hair Jewellery

Hand Made in South Africa

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Download orderform complete & email to:-horsetinkersjewellery@gmail.com