Sterling Silver Braided Pendants
Horse Shoe, Horse Head & Heart, Ring

Sterling Silver Horse Shoe Pendant

Sterling Silver Horse Shoe Pendant & Pin

These Stunning little pendants and pin are braided
Height 30mm
Width 20.5mm

Rainbow of Colours

Sterling Silver Hoop Pendant

This is a pretty little half round pendant entwined with Horse hair

Farriers Nail Collection

Sterling Silver "Farriers Nail"Horse Head Pendant

These pretty horse head pendants are designed & unique to Horse Tinkers Jewellery designed and hand finished by myself....

Add:- Sterling silver necklace, a braided necklace or in leather.
The choice is yours

32mm Height
23mm width
Add a personal touch and engrave on the back

Sterling Silver Heart Pendant and Nail Pin &Pendant

This truly beautiful Farriers Nail heart design is inspired from a "Farriers Horse Shoe Nail" It is designed by myself and unique to
Horse Tinkers Jewellery
30mm Height
30mm Width

Can engrave on the front or back

Contemporary Horse Hair Jewellery

Hand Made in South Africa

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