How to create an online catalogue using Papermine

Include a story of your customer using your product.

It's a sign of the times when you can pair sneakers with a formal suit. Some may call it quirky, others may call it practical. But in New York City, sometimes pragmatism and style rule together.

Say something about

your own story.

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Details matter.

Papermine Photo Editor allows you to manage your pictures without losing an ounce of quality.

Create a Gallery with Call to Action buttons

You can place Call to Actions on every picture in it

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Cross Device.

Papermine is a new platform for marketers
and brands to create your own beautiful interactive content
that captivates consumers on all devices.

All in one solution.

The time and resources needed to market your content can feel overwhelming. With Papermine, you can easily create and market your content for free on our code-free platform with built-in visual effects, SEO, analytics and instant publishing.

Be interactive.

Web booklets are a great way to introduce interactive content to your marketing strategy.
You can easily add a range of interactive options: add articles, calls to actions. Each option is designed to help your audience engage with your product.

Adding a Call to Action has never been this easy.

Thanks to CTA Everywhere you will be able to add call to action buttons right where you need, driving your conversions through the roof.

For every seller,
there is a buyer.

Create a stunning booklet to showcase your product
and deliver it to the right audience.

How to create an online catalogue using Papermine