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Thematic Commissions


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SKILLMAN Thematic Commissions

Key occupational priorities becomes key educational priority areas

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Transformative enabling technologies

Discover main trends

Key enabling technologies

Advanced manufacturing is closely connected to what are known as ‘key enabling technologies’, which provide some of the main sources of innovation for a wide range of industries. These innovations are not confined to the manufacturing sector per se, and have potential impacts in sectors as diverse and agriculture and health. However, there are close links with production processes, creating both opportunities and challenges for manufacturing employers.

The economy situation in the automotive sector

The automotive industry is crucial for Europe’s prosperity. The sector provides jobs for 12 million people and accounts for 560 billion EUR.

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The economy situation in the avionics sectors

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Skillman member of the EU Automotive Skills Council

On may 2015 SKILLMAN has signed a membership agreement with the EU Automotive Skills Council (European Council for Skills and Employment in the Automotive Industry).

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