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history .

" The textile industry was brought to America in the 19th century from England. But the apparel industry is an American creation at the turn of the 20th century in the Greater Boston area by Jewish tailors. The apparel industry grew from these tailors/businessmen, as they built manufacturing factories for production. Pattern making was taught to “apprentices” who were called “designers” in the Boston area. Creative designers of styles in America didn't exist in the early 20th century. Americans were “copyists” or interpreters of the creative ideas coming from Paris ever since the 18th century. Some of these designers created booklets for teaching these systems mathematically - that came to be called “pattern drafting”. In the 1940s, when 16, I was old enough to work in these factories as a stitcher on sportswear, and met some of these pattern designers, whose information was passed to them by the old apprenticeship system. I also learned first hand about mass production systems that made America, and Boston area specifically, so famous for quality/quantity production - a system that in the second half of the century we taught to the rest of the world. "

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issues of the fashion indusrty today

Body Image Virtually all of the models who represent fashion houses are abnormally thin, in keeping with the perceived aesthetic preferences of the public. This focus on extreme thinness in women has been blamed for eating disorders and poor body image among some women whose bodies don't conform to this idealized image. Fur Fashions that use real animal fur support the fur industry, which is infamous for its inhumane treatment of animals. Fur is acquired either by trapping wild animals and skinning them or by raising animals domestically for their fur. Cultures In their ongoing search for new, different and exciting looks, fashion designers sometimes borrow elements of foreign cultures. Some indigenous members of these cultures don't appreciate this practice, and accuse designers of cultural appropriation. Consumption Bringing out a new line of clothing every year encourages fashion enthusiasts to buy new clothes that they don't really need. While some people see this as harmless or as a boon to the economy, others believe that it encourages mindless consumerism. Environment The materials, transportation and production that are involved in the fashion industry all have an impact on the environment. Many synthetic materials are derived from petroleum, while many more natural materials are grown on land that could be used for food production. Advertising According to critics, advertising seduces people into buying things that they don't need, rather than merely informing them of a product's availability. Advertising and fashion are closely related, and they both encourage people to consume as much as possible. New fashions are widely advertised as better than whatever came before. Forgeries The main appeal of many fashionable accessories is the brand name. A Gucci bag can be sold for many times more than an identical bag made by a competitor. Forgers take advantage of this fact by creating cheap knock-offs and illegally adding the names of famous and expensive fashion houses. Sweat Shops Many fashionable clothes are manufactured by poorly paid people in developing countries. This practice, known as sweatshop labor, has come under major scrutiny and has been condemned by a wide range of critics. Particularly concerning is the employment of young children.


the good, the bad, and the ugly

Cons 1 as a designer in the fashion industry it's only a chance that you'll be successful 2 all inventory must be created a year earlier. 3 as a model you usually are treated as a product than a person. 4 as a model you could be forced to be in adult videos. 5 chance of anorexia and obsession with weight gain. Pros 1 as a model you can live a glamorous life; as a celebrity if you are a top model. 2 there are many doors for opportunities in modeling. 3 confidence boost due to seeing yourself all dolled up on covers. 4 big payment if you become a top model. 5 beautiful traveling locations, you get to see the world.


let's be honest

A. Model Height Taller is better. 1.78 inches tall for girls & 1.80 inches for guys is about the minimum height than a model can have for top fashion modeling careers in Jo’burg Fashion week, South African fashion week or Cape town fashion week. In reality, supermodels are taller than at—6 feet or more. B. Body type? Well the motto used to be Skinner is better, Think: about 5 or 15 kg less than recommended weight for your height. 35 inches is about the maximum for hip measurements, and then take it down another 10 inches for waist measurement. C. Model Hair and Skin The two most important aspects for any model—supermodel or not—is the hair and skin. It is hard for us to overstate this fact. In case you aren’t understanding us, let us repeat: Hair and skin! Your hair must be flawless and impeccable.



fashion today.



"CHANEL" Fashion Show Spring Summer 2014 Paris HD by Fashion Channel

"CHANEL" Fashion Show Spring Summer 2014 Paris HD by Fashion Channel With life-sized works of modern art scattered around the Grand Palais, German designer Karl Lagerfeld unveiled his latest vision for Chanel. The Grand Palais was transformed into a gigantic white-walled hangar of paintings and sculpture all seventy-five of them made by Lagerfeld during his Summer of Prodigious Creativity. He didn't actually make them himself but he drew the pieces or made maquettes so his studio could realize the finished product. Just like Jeff Koons. And, as with Koons, Karl's reference points were identifiable, though he cleverly twisted them so they each included some element of Chanel: a camellia, a pearl, a bottle of No. 5. Some of them had red dots beside their titles, like they'd already been sold. Postshow, he wearily insisted he had no intention of doing any such thing; he'd already been asked a thousand times, just like he'd been asked to sign the whole lot. British model Cara Delevingne starred in the show. YOUTUBE CHANNEL: WEB TV: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: PINTEREST: INSTAGRAM: The best videos, the most exclusive moments of the international runway since 1982 until now, of the most representative fashion weeks of the world. Backstage secrets, insights make-up and hair style, curiosities from the fashion world, celebrities, photo shoot, designer and model clips, red carpets and gossip, parties, obviously besides the shows of all the top designers, generally available in high definition formats HD on the Youtube network FASHION CHANNEL. Fashion Channel shows new interesting videos continuous flow. WEBSITE:

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get an agent. Open call: Once in a while an agency will hold an open call, opening their doors to everyone. On this specified date, anyone can show up at the office and wait their turn. When you're called in, the people in charge will look at you and determine in less than a minute if you have potential. If you don't, you're dismissed. Forget about bringing professional photographs, they won't matter.Model searches, conventions and even scouting companies can help... getting signed To get ahead, you need exposure. Never cease trying to appear in local newspaper ads, television shows, magazines, and fashion shows. Eventually, you might catch the eyes of the right people.After all this work, there might very well be an agency interested in signing you. Before you sign, however, have an attorney go over the contract to make sure that you're not getting a raw deal.


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bad things you should watch out for Fly-by-night operations These are agencies that don't have many clients, have not been in operation for long, and are terrible at getting you work. What makes such agencies a rip-off is that they'll ask you for registration and portfolio fees. No upright agency operates this way. Modeling schools There are no certified schools for modeling. However, there are people who say that they've gained experience from such establishments. If you have money to waste, you can always give these schools a try, but you won't learn anything that you couldn't pick up from a book or the Internet. Shady characters Con artists make a living by stroking your ego. There are people who will tell you they are managers and that they can get you work in exchange for shady methods of payment. Be wary of strangers who approach you claiming that you could be a model. More often than not, they're full of it. Walk away.



The fashion indusrty

malachiah shelton