It's your story.
Craft it in a new way.

With thousands of blog articles, Facebook posts, Tweets—and an inbox full of spam—it's getting harder for the average person to get their message across—and especially difficult to make it stand out and memorable.

Papermine provides an alternative reading experience that will impress your readers and make your message cut through the noise.

Issuu converts PDFs into a flippable format, but simply takes something created for print and makes it available on the Web.

Papermine helps you create content that is built for the Web from the start, therefore making your reader's experience great on every device.

While you can still import external webpages, Papermine is a content-creation/publishing tool, rather than an aggregator.

Most importantly, it puts you in control of the design. Papermine allows you to define how everything looks, and keeps it that way across devices and orientations (on smartphones and tablets).

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