My Journey into Photography

Gildardo Gallo

Self Portrait

I was born in Mexico fourty years ago and after spending four years of my adult life as a globe trotter, I decided to settle in Florence - there I fell in love with a girl and with this fabulous art city - when I was 28 years old. ...

Light and Shadow

"I daydream about the dark night that illuminates life, shapeless beings that wear masks of happiness…


This project represents symbols on tarot cards and was born out of a collaboration with others who share a passion for these cards and their fascinating world. The connection to the fashion world is showcased by the way materials are arranged and how the models are covered, as well as their fluidity and poses.

Fashion - Indoors

The fashion shots —even though shot on set— are all inspired by nature. The four elements of nature create a background for each subject to lay against.

Fashion - Location

In this project—entirely shot outdoors—natural light plays a vital role. I find it difficult to duplicate the same ambiance outdoors, so I try to focus on the right moment to take the photo. This is extremely more complex to manage due to nature’s uncontrollable elements.


This project expresses vision, sceneries, and typical characters of the fantasy world along with their sub-terrain connection with art. Some characters represent Pneuma’s supernatural creatures, other figures are seen laying on invisible White Tables and there is even a piece inspired by Sleeping Beauty. The subjects of this photoshoot descend from another dimension and most often have their eyes closed and their bodies bent towards their dreams.


These portraits are born out of personal projects and experimentations. Portraits allow me to best highlight the contrast between light and shadows, which I find to be the essential aspect of the human being. In the end, it is what I try to represent through my photography.

Still Life

To me, still life represents the object’s metamorphosis through the usage of light and the specific angle of the camera. A photographer’s most important and hardest challenge isn’t learning how to handle the camera or how to develop film, but rather learning how to photographically find meaning and to train oneself to look at an object differently. The challenge is to instantly translate the elements and ambiance into a single shot.

Giorgia & Johns

Fashion Film FW2012/20

Blow Me

Fashion video from Gildardo Gallo, sensation and darkness, love and power as we feel our dark side. Concept, photo and production by Gildardo Gallo


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My Journey into Photography

Gildardo Gallo