Florentine Historic Football

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Historic football

Calcio fiorentino (also known as calcio storico "historic football") is an early form of football that originated in 16th century Italy.


The "Calcio Storico Fiorentino" "Historical soccer from Florence", called in old Florence "Calcio in Livrea" was born in Florence around 1200-1300 AD.

REnaissance era

Calcio was reserved for rich aristocrats who played every night between Epiphany and Lent. Even Popes, such as Clement VII, Leo XI and Urban VIII were known to play the sport in Vatican City.

modern revival

Teams, colors and historic quarters were definitively defined. These four districts have been the key players in Historic Florentine Soccer matches ever since.

Game rules

Matches last 50 minutes and are played on a field covered in sand, twice as long as it is wide. A white line divides the field into two identical squares, and a goal net runs the width of each end.

Famous games

Famous players in history

The historic parade

The Historic Parade of the Republic of Florence is and important part of city life. Born from 400th yearly observance of the Siege of Florence, the Battle of Gavinana and the death of florentine and Italian hero Francesco Ferrucci.


Some memorable pictures of the historic parade and of the soccer matches

Florence Fight-Club trailer

Trailer Film Florence Figh-Club, dir. Luigi Maria Perotti, Rovero Impiglia

Historic football (2013)

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Florentine Historic Football

History, images and videos of the event