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Our mission is to make the world a better place by alleviating human suffering and promoting humanitarian values.
We understand responsibility for the world as the possibility for each PAH employee and volunteer to actually participate in the aid process and influence it. The work of any of us contributes to saving people’s lives. This obliges us to develop ourselves and to raise the quality of our aid.

about PAH

We work with communities suffering from natural disasters, armed conflicts, persecution and long-lasting poverty in order to ensure their rights to life and health, to water and adequate sanitary conditions, to food, to education, to living in proper conditions, securing life and health during natural disasters and armed conflicts.


For over twenty years we have brought help to people in 44 countries all over the world, we have provided access to water for over 500,000 people and the access to adequate sanitation for 1,5 million people.

PAH in somalia

PAH has been present in Somalia since 2011. With WASH and Nutrition programs PAH supported more than 70 000 people from the most vulnerable communities in different regions in Somalia. Our primary focus was to deliver safe drinking water through drilling new boreholes, constructing water distribution systems, and constructing rain water reservoirs.

She is Somalia/PAH documentary

In 2010-2011 drought claimed lives of 300 thousand Somali people, both adults and children. More than one million left their homes to seek safety. Potable water is an expensive commodity on the local market which lacks any control. No national government exists.

PAH (Polish Humanitarian Action) builds and repairs wells and sanitary facilities in camps for internally displaced persons. This improves the fate of more than 20 000 people. PAH also builds berkads -- traditional water cisterns -- near schools. Access to water and the establishment of vegetable gardens has contributed to a significant growth in the number of children receiving an education.

Maternal and infant mortality rates in Somalia are the worst in the world. One in ten Somali women dies during pregnancy or childbirth, the same share of babies don't live to see their first birthday. There are two reasons for it: poor health care and infections from dirty water. PAH also provides access to clean water in clinics for mothers, thus improving the lives of women and children.

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From the deep of your heart - World Water Day 2014

PAH's work in Somalia

PAH in Action - see our work in Somalia

PAH has been working in Somalia since 2011.
With WASH and Nutrition programs PAH supported more than 70 000 people from the most vulnerable communities in different regions in Somalia. Our primary focus was to provide safe drinking water through drilling new boreholes, constructing water distribution systems, and constructing rain water reservoirs. In our work we also focus on other WASH components, that is improvement of sanitary conditions and raising awareness on hygiene and sanitation, to make our WASH interventions fully comprehensive. All interventions include operation and maintenance trainings for future mechanics, provision of spare parts as well as distribution of hygiene materials. PAH aim is to ensure sustainability and effectiveness of interventions.

Emergency nutrition in mogadishu

PAH intervention targeted 2 areas: Bondhere district and Halw-Wadag District in Mogadishu - the most chaotic and suffering locations. There were many IDPs and food security was deteriorating every day. During the 15-month emergency nutrition program in Mogadishu we helped more than 33 870 people, most of them were children and women.

Tackling malnutrition in Somalia

“So much of this was new to me,” says Khadra Ibrahim. Her tidy home is fashioned from corrugated metal, tins hammered flat and sturdy tree limbs. Her daughters Happy, 2, and Nimo, 4, play outside while she feeds baby Ubah.
“I didn’t know how important it was to breastfeed or how just washing my child’s hands with soap can stop illnesses that cause them to become malnourished.”


Water transforms lives In Somalia

In Somalia, new sources of water are not only changing the lives of Haarhaar's residents, but also the face of the town itself.

"Water for schools" - bulding berkads in schools

PAH has helped to make schools independent from expensive deliveries of water with the use of cisterns.

Providing water in drought affected areas

Rehabilitation of one water source (spring) hygiene and sanitation promotion and capacity building project in Drought Affected Areas of Puntland; May 2012 – January 2013

Thanks to our project water can now be accessed in the village. PAH has built a water tower, water intake points for people, watering troughs for animals and a generator room.

Access to safe drinking water

Most of us take easy access to drinking water for granted. Each day, we use huge amounts of water when we cook, wash ourselves, our clothes or dishes. Meanwhile, one eighth of the Earth’s population suffers from thirst and diseases caused by drinking contaminated water.

Running water in the medical facility in Garoowe

Supporting Maternity Waiting Homes in Jowle IDP camp through the construction of five hand washing sinks for theirs use during medical procedures inside centre and connecting Maternity Park at MWH with water source

Reducing Maternal Mortality in Somalia | UNICEF

In Somaliland, only a third of women giving birth have any kind of skilled personnel with them -- and, in rural areas, the numbers are much lower.

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A three-year-long programme co-funded by the European Commission that targets maternal and newborn health in Somaliland and Puntland, is slowly changing this reality.

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"Women are the fabric that hold families and communities together, especially in crisis"

Improving maternal health in Somalia

The child and maternal mortality rates for Somalia are amongst the highest in the world; one out of every ten Somali children dies before seeing their first birthday.

WE are ECHO partner in Somalia

In 2013 PAH became ECHO partner in Somalia. The main objective of our WASH programs is to ensure healthy and dignified living conditions for the IDP communities in Somalia – provide safe drinking water and proper sanitation facilities to internally displaced persons (IDPs) living in IDP camps and settlements.

Somalia: PAH supporting IDPs in Jowle camp, Garowe

Successive droughts and flooding has contributed to the devastating situation in Somalia causing many people to flee from their homes to seek refuge, food and water. PAH is providing much needed support to IDPs in Jowle camp, Garowe.

idps in somalia: mogadishu and Jowle

In 2011-2012 Somalia was affected by a devastating famine—caused by ongoing insecurity, an unrelenting drought, and restricted humanitarian assistance—which exacerbated the country’s ongoing displacement crisis.

PAH provides access to water

Our main activity is to provide access to drinking water - whether by constructing new or rehabilitating existing shallow wells, boreholes and other water sources. In emergency situations it is also direct distribution of water.

PAH improves sanitary conditions

Our WASH programs include sanitation component as well. We distribute hygiene kits and build or improve latrines. In Mgadishu IDP settlements we build emergency latrines - this year we will have 300!

hygiene - distributions and trainings

For the last two years we have distributed almost 5000 hygiene kits/NFIs to the most vulnerable populations in both Jowle IDP camp and IDP settlements in Mogadishu. In November 2014 we targeted also 2000 families in Jowhar, affected by flood.

we create waste management systems

in 2014 we started implementing waste management component in our program - we organize clean up campaigns in Jowle IDP camp. We are also in process of establishing pit holes clearing and garbage collection system with the City of Garowe.

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PAH in Somalia

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