19 June 2014 - 23 April 2015

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Museo Salvatore Ferragamo

A celebration of walking, dancing barefoot or on tiptoe, crossing a tightrope, climbing a mountain, solemnly advancing and marching on command, meandering in search of oneself and rambling aimlessly are only a few of the themes explored in Museo Salvatore Ferragamo’s newest exhibition, Equilibrium, curated by Stefania Ricci and Sergio Risaliti.
The exhibition compares exceptionally fine and meaningful works of art in various media – painting, sculpture, photography, video, film and printing – along with documentaries and historic records, archive images and a series of interviews with well-known people of our time: Wanda Ferragamo, James Ferragamo, Jerry Ferragamo, Reinhold Messner, Eleonora Abbagnato, Will Self, Cecil Balmond and Philippe Petit.

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